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Mark Kent Lemley

Beast Boy Of The Junkyard

Chapter Nine-The Open Road

Titan's East...

"So you're sure none of you wants to be the fifth member for our team?" asked Cyborg.

"We're sure big guy. Now you better get going before your team mates start to run into trouble." said Bumble Bee.

"Okay...Come on Raven! Stop flirting with Aqua Lad, it's time to go!" shouted Cyborg.

Soon an annoyed Raven and Cyborg were in the T-Car driving onto the highway. It'd been a while since Cyborg had gone to Steel City and needed a map.

"Are you sure you don't want me to hold the map?" asked Raven.

"It's my map, I bought it, I'll hold it! Hey, you okay?" asked Cyborg.

"Why did you even bring me along?" asked Raven.

"'Cause I could use some company for the long ride." said Cyborg.

Raven just crossed her arms and looked out the window. Cyborg, for once decided that Raven's spirits needed lifting so he popped in a cd.

"Let's listen to some music." said Cyborg.

"Cyborg, I really don't..."

High hopes! He had high apple pie in the...

Raven used her powers to get the cd out of the player, broke it into pieces, and threw it out the window.

"NO! I PAYED TOO MUCH ON THAT CD!" shouted Cyborg.

"You got that right. Sigh. Just take me home." said Raven.

But Cyborg wasn't going to give up that easily.

"Do you need a break from modern butt kicking?" sang Cyborg.

"Oh no. Not more disney songs." said Raven.

"Do you long to shed your weary load?" sang Cyborg.

Apparently the singing was started to effect his judgement because he actually let go of the wheel to give Raven a noogie.

"If your nerves are raw and your brain is fried, just grab a friend and hitch a ride, together upon the open road. Take it Raven!" said Cyborg.

"No." said Raven.

"Take it."


"Listen! You'd better take it or else I'm going to drive us right into the ocean you hear me?" said Cyborg.

Giving up, Raven sung "All in all I'd rather have detention, all in all I'd rather eat a toad!"

Cyborg, not wanting to think about the toad, want back to reading his map. Unfortunately, he couldn't see those cars he was about to hit. Luckily Raven saved him by steering the wheel with her powers.

"The Tin Man drives like such a clutz, that I'm about to hurl my guts directly upon the open road!" sang Raven feeling nauseus.

"There's nothing can upset me, cause now we're on our way. My trusty map will guide us straight and true." sang Cyborg who was both looking at the map and driving with his knees.

"Aqua Lad please don't forget me, I will return someday." It was at this moment that Raven saw that they were heading straight for the road construction. "AAH! Although I may be in traction when I do!"

They drove right through the stuff with Cyborg none the wiser.

"Me and Raven relaxin like the old days, in a buddy-buddy kind of way." sang Cyborg.

"This is worse than dragon breath and acne. I'm so MAD I think I may explode!"sung Raven.

"When I see that highway I could cry." Sang Cyborg.

"You know that's funny so could I." sang Raven.

"Just being upon the open road." They both sang.

Then a truck road up besides them. They're was a piano player in the back playin a piano, obviously happy about something. Then three beutiful country girls popped out of the top.

"Howdy Titans, is this the way to Nashville?" asked the girls.

Cyborg grinned sheepishly but almost drove into a tow truck.

"Watch it mac! Or you'll be getting towed!" threatened the truck driver.

Cyborg's plasma cannon (the big gun on the T-Car) then aimed at the guy.

"Don't be trying to take me away from my baby!" said Cyborg.

The truck driver gave a girly scream and drove away.

They then saw a prisoner transport van next to them some very unhappy prisoners.

"We're in no hurry to arrive, cause we'll be turning 65 the next time we see the open road." sung Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx.

"Ha ha! You got busted!...Wait, somebody busted you besides us?" asked Cyborg.

"Cyborg! Drive!" said Raven.

They then saw a fat lady and midget driving in the same care lovingly. It made Raven puke out the side of the T-Car.

"Just a week of rest and relaxation." sung the midget.

"Yeah." said the fat lady.

"And the odd romantic episode." sung the midget.

"Very odd." said Raven in a monotone voice.

Meanwhile up above Danny Phantom was flying above traffic carrying Sam and Tucker.(A/N: I don't own Danny Phantom)

"And it's Nickelodeon or bust." sang Danny.

An old lady in a hot rod then sung "Look out you dirtbags! Eat my dust! From now on I'm on the open road!"

But Cyborg pulledher over and took away her keys for speeding. But once they got back in the car Cyborg started to sing again.

"It's and my buddy Raven, my gothy pioneer." sung Cyborg.

A bunch of western nuns then drove up with a guitar and sung "They're teammates forever westward ho. Yehaw!"

Raven feeling very frustrated sung "Could someone call a taxi, and get me out of here, to Beverly Hills 90210?"

Almost everybody on the highway then started to sing "Oh everyday, another new adventure. Another mile another new zip code."

A harse then drove up "And the cares we had..." a zombie then opened his coffin and sung "Are gone for good."

Raven then sung"And I'd go with them if I could...AAAGH! ZOMBIE!" she then used her powers to blow up the zombie and Cyborg looked at her wide eyed.

"Keep driving." said Raven.

Everyone ignoring the blown up zombie sung "I got no strings on me. I'm feelin fancy free. How wonderful to be, on the open rooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaad."

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