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Mark Kent Lemley

Beast Boy Of The Junkyard

Chapter Eight-The Genie Is A Girl?

Beast Boy was walking with the creepy old man in the forest which Beast Boy didn't really mind all that much. He was more in touch with nature then probably anyone on the planet, he was a part of it and it was a part of him. Being in the forest gave him great comfort, it reminded him of his mother. He started to hum a song.

"Boy exactly what are you hummin?" asked RedX.

"Oh it's just a song my mom used to sing to me." Said Beast Boy.


You see Beast Boy as a toddler, and apparently he was crying a lot about something that obviously upset him. Some of the nearby village kids were picking on him because of his skin and pointy ears, a girl his age (who was friends with his parents) scared them away but Beast Boy went home crying.

His mother hated to see him cry, it always made her heart ache. So she picked him and put him on her lap and started to pet his head. So she then began to sing.

"Baby mine, don't you cry. Baby mine, dry your eyes. Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, Baby of mine. Little one, when you play, don't you mind what they say. Let those eyes sparkle and shine, never a tear, Baby of mine. From your head to your toes, your so sweet goodness knows. You are so precious to me, sure as can be, Baby of mine."

So there he sat, comforted by his mothers words, he stayed there until he finally fell asleep. And sure enough, BB stuck a stiff upperlip and the bullies layed off. Pretty soon Beast Boy became friends with everyone in that village.

End Flashback

Beast Boy wiped away a tear. He missed his folks so much.

"Hey now come on! Quit crying like a baby and move a leg! I'm crippled and I'm walking faster than you!" Lied the old man.

Beast Boy then said "Coming!"


Beast Boy was now in front of a cave that looked like some animal he had never even seen (The Beast Within).

"Who Goes There?" asked the Cave.


"I Said 'Who Goes There?'." said the cave in annoyance.

"Don't worry kid he's not going to eat you." said the old man.

"Really?" asked Beast Boy.

"Yeah, now go on." said Red X.

"I'm waiting." said the cave.

"It' I, Beast Boy." said Beast Boy.

"Your real name nit wit." said the cave.

"Sigh. Garfield Logan." said Beast Boy.

The cave eyed him for a second but then said "Enter. But touch nothing but the book. Don not touch the treasure."

"Enter? How am I supposed to enter?" asked Beast Boy.

"Go into his mouth stupid." said the old man.

"HEY! You said he wasn't going to eat me!" said Beast Boy.

"Just get in there! You can have the treasure inside but the little blue book is mine!" said the old man.

"Well Naru, here we go." said Beast Boy.

They entered the cave and started to go down a long spiral staircase.

They finally came to a room that had mountains of treasure.

"Dude...look at all this treasure." said Beast Boy.

Naru race straight for the treasure. "NARU! STOP!"

Naru froze in his tracks.

"When I giant talking cave says 'Don't touch the treasure' then it's probably a good idea NOT TO TOUCH THE TREASURE! Now come on we've got to find that book." said Beast Boy.

Beast Boy then started walking again. Naru kept trying to get his attention about something but BB just ignored him. Naru then tackled him to the ground.

"Naru! What do you think..."

Naru then grabbed his head and pointed it to a flying carpet who was hiding behind a mountain of treasure.

"Whoa a magic carpet. It's okay, we're not going to hurt you." said Beast Boy.

The carpet flew over to Naru's hat, picked it up, and offered it back to apologetically.

Naru snatched it right out of the carpet's tassel and sqwaked something hurtful at him.

The carpet somehow managed to look very sad about this and started to sulk away depressingly.

"Wait! Dude don't go! We could use your help with something." said Beast Boy.

This seemed to make the carpet happy as he flew over and showed them just how happy he was to have two new friends.

"Looks like he'll help, Naru. Okay, we're trying to find this lamp...I mean book!" said Beast Boy.

The carpet then gestured for them to follow him excitedly.

"Come on! I think he knows where it is!" said Beast Boy.

The carpet led them to a place where there was a small book and a light that was coming in from the roof was shining on it.

"Naru you stay here. Carpet, watch Naru." said Beast Boy.

Beast Boy then turned into an eagle and flew over to the book.

Meanwhile Naru was pouting about Beast Boy's lack of trust in him, but then he saw behind him a giant ruby.

Carpet saw that Naru was making a go for it and was trying to stop him by pulling on his tail.

Beast Boy grabbed the book. "This is what we've come all this way for? It looks like one of those types of books players carry their girlfriend's phone numbers in...only it isn't's blue...weird."

Beast Boy then saw that Naru was going to grab the ruby "NARU! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

But it was too late, Naru had grabbed the giant ruby.


Naru then threw the ruby away as if it were possesed. But it was too late, the water that surrounded the rock Beast Boy was on turned into lava. The place had turned into the inside of a volcano!


Carpet then zoomed over to Beast Boy and picked him up. After picking up Naru from some exploding rocks, started flying out the exit.

Everywhere they went lava was close behind. Beast Boy hated to admit it but Carpet was faster at flying than him.

Naru saw the dead end up ahead and started to panic by climbing on Beast Boy's face.

"Naru! This is no time to be panicing!" said Beast Boy.

He finally got Naru off of his face and also saw the dead end "I'm sorry. You were right, continue to panic."

Carpet then swooped down right when they were about to hit the wall and flew out of the room.

They had managed to make it to the room with the spiral staircase, which was dissintegrating by the way, when the room started to collapse. A giant boulder pinned down Carpet as Beast Boy and Naru were sent flying to what was left of the seventh step. There he saw the old man.

"Help us! It's too risky for me to change into a bird with all the falling rocks!" said Beast Boy.

"First give me the book!" said the old man.

"I can't hold on much longer!" said Beast Boy.

"Then throw me the book!" said the old man.

Beast Boy did so and the old man started to laugh insanely.

"Now help us!" said Beast Boy.

"Oh yes, your reward." he then pulled out a knife "Your eternal reward."

But then Naru climbed up the steps and kicked the old man in the nuts causing him to drop the knife. Naru then punched him across the face, then kicked him in the stomach. In short he was pretty muchgetting his ass kicked by a lemur.

But eventually Naru was thrown back into the cave and landed next to an unconscious Beast Boy.

The cave then closed shut.

"At last!" said Red X taking off his costume.

He reached inside his pocket to pull out the book only to find nothing. "No!" He looked inside it, still nothing. "No! Nooooooooooooooo!"

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