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Mark Kent Lemley

Beast Boy Of The Junkyard

Chapter Six-Last Of The Oliver Songs

Beast Boy was thrown into somehting that looked like a high tech dungeon. (Think Arcum from Batman) he had a collar on but thechains were made lasers.

"Good luck getting out of there. Not even you can escape that." said Cyborg.

"How can you guys afford all this?" asked Beast Boy.

"Not that it's any of your business but we're funded by everyone from S.T.A.R. Labs to Wayne Enterprises. Plus they give us a weekly check for misc." said Raven.

"Really?" asked Beast Boy interested.

"Yeah, but it's not as if you'd ever get one you crook. These guys only take in heroes, not crooks." said Red X.

"Aren't you supposed to be a thief though?" asked Beast Boy.

"I only stole this suit to help people." lied Red X.

"Now you just stay put because the nice men with the guns will soon come by to take you away to a place where you could live out the rest of your life." said Cyborg.

The Titans then turned to leave but Starfire came back.

"Come to laugh at my face now that I've been caught?" asked Beast Boy.

"Please, I do not wish to laugh, only understand." said Starfire.

"What's there to understand? You guys got the jump on me and now I'm in here." said Beast Boy.

"Not that. Who were those people? Why did they seem so bent on you not being taken?" asked Starfire.

"Let's just say I'm not as evil as you think." said Beast Boy.

Starfire was about to say something when Robin interupted.

"Don't waste your breathe Star. He's just a thief, and unlike Red X that's all he's ever going to be." said Robin.

Starfire gave Beast Boy one last confused look andthen left with Robin.

"Sigh. I hate to admit it, but I think the tin man is right. I don't think I could get out here on my own." said Beast Boy.


With the Titans...

"Good work today team. We managed to take down a major criminal today." said Robin.

"Major criminal? The dude was stealing food...okay a lot of food but still it was just food." said Cyborg.

"True but we stopped him before he could move onto something bigger." said Robin.

"I'm going to go and call my girlfriend now. She's going to thrilled about who we caught. Come along X Hawk." said Red X.

"Sure, she'll be thrilled...whoever she is." said Robin.


Killer Moth's...

"At last! With my new mutant months I will..." started Killer Moth.


Killer Moth just sighed. Ranting was one of the best parts about being a villian.

"Yeah what?" asked Killer Moth into the phone. "Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Hang on a second, she's getting her beauty sleep. KITTEN! YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND IS ON THE PHONE! HE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU!" shouted Killer Moth.

Up in Kitten's room, she was finally starting to stir. She came out of her blankets and made her way over to her vanitymirror. She takes a look at herself in the mirror and gasps.

"Girl we've got work to do, pass me the paint and glue." sang Kitten.

Killer Moth just sighed and put a hand (?) on his forehead. Did she really have to do this every time she woke up?

"Perfect isn't easy,'s...meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

Killer Moth felt like he wanted to cry, why did she have to do this every single day?

"When one knows the world is watching, one does what one must. Some minor adjustments. Not for my vanity, but for humanity."Sang Kitten as she made her way to her wardrobe.

Killer Moth was hitting his head against a support beam out of frustration.

"Each little step a pose, see how the breeding shows. UGH!" sang Kitten.

Killer Moth had a weird look on his face, wasn't she aware that she was ths spawn of a moth hybrid?

"Some times it's too much for even me. But when all the world says yes, who am I to say no?" sang Kitten.

"Just a second, this could take a while." said Killer Moth into the phone.

Kitten then started to get dressed.

"Don't ask a freak to strut like a show girl, no girl you need a pro!" sang Kitten.

"Yeah she's a pain in my butt that's what she is." mumbled Killer Moth.

Kitten then started to make her way to the balcony.

Kitten then sung"Not a flea or a flaw..."

"Of course there are no fleas because your the spawn of Killer Moth!" shouted Killer Moth pointing out the obvious.

"See my dazzling jaw." She then smiled big and the sun reflected off of her teeth.

"La-de-da-da. Perfect becomes me. Ne c'est pas. Unrivaled, unruffled, I'm beauty unleashed. Yeah!"

Killer Moth braced himself, the worst part was yet to come.

"So classic and sassie we're not talking Lassie! Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" sang Kitten on the balcony.

Killer Moth was covering his ears (?). He hated that part.

Apparently a lot of boys heard her sing and were outside in her backyard.

"Though many covet my bone and bowl, they're barking up the wrong tree."

All the boys begin to stand on each other and a midgety one manages to get to be the closest to Kitten's balcony.

"All you pretty pups all over the city, I have your hearts and you have my pity." sang Kitten as she pushed the midget causing the boys to fall down.

They were then chased away by a giant moth.

She then started her way back in. "Pretty is nice, but still it's just pretty! Perfect my dear, is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."


"ALRIGHT ALREADY! KEEP YOUR WINGS ON!" shouted Kitten as she picked up the phone.

"...OhSugar X! Did you find him?"

"Yeah, I think I finally found him. And is it really necessary to call me that?" asked Red X.

"It's either that or Xy-poo." said Kitten.

"Fine. Sugar X it is then. Anyways, I'm pretty sure this is the guy who can get in to that darn cave and grab us that stupid book." said Red X.

"The one with the genie in it right?" asked Kitten.

"No the one with the dragon, of course the one with the genie in it!" said Red X.

"Well he'd better get it or else it's going to be on your head!" shouted Kitten right before she hung up.

"Why do you even date that harpy?" asked X Hawk.

"She has a nice body." said Red X. (A/N: Not that those two did anything mind you.)



"Well guys, until Beast Boy can get out looks like we're going to have to fend for ourselves. Now has anybody else had any experience on the streets?" asked Max.

No body answered.

"This is going to be tougher than I thought. Now listen up. You got a lot to learn, and if you don't learn you don't eat. But if you're tough and always use your head, you'll feel right at home on the street." sang Max.

"But we live in a junkyard." said Sarah.

"Yeah but food is on the street. When you got talent everything is free. Watch how I do things, oo, I gaurantee. You're gonna see how the best survive, I make an art out of staying alive. If you do just as your told, these are streets of gold." sang Max.

"What part of 'we're in a junkyard' don't you understand?" asked Sarah.

Max didn't respond to that, he just glared at her for a second. "Every boulevard is a miracle mile. You'll take the town, and you'll take it with style. If you play it brave and bold, these are streets of gold." sang Max.

(A/N: That's the last of the Oliver and Company songs I promise.)

"Max come with me, I want to show you something." said Sarah.

Max followed her to the exit.

"See that thing over there Max? That is a street, this is a junkyard. See the difference? Street. Junkyard! Street. Junkyard! They're different! Two totally different things!" said Sarah.


"Hm...if I could become a Titan I could pay back everyone I ever stole from. Then the others could live in houses instead of drafty cars, and most importantly Jillian would be living they she deserves to...what am I thinking? They'd never take me, now how the heck am I supposed to get out of here?" thought Beast Boy.

Then all of a sudden Naru came falling out of the ceiling, he looked a little singed, probably because of Cyborg's security system.

"Naru!" shouted Beast Boy.

Naru saw Beast Boy and climbed up onto his shoulder and started to sqwak about how he should never worry him like that again. Naru then went over to device where the lasers were and took it apart.

"I'm free! I'm free!" shouted Beast Boy.

He then realized that all the walls were air tight and that there were lasers in the ventalation ducks.

"Dang it!"

How was he supposed to get out of here?

He then heard caughing and weezing and looked to his right and saw a very old man.

"Dude! How long have they been keeping you here?" asked Beast Boy.

"One day. I may be old but that doesn't mean I can't throw around a few bombs around. Now apparently you need some help getting out of here yes?" asked the old man.

Inside the hump of the old man was X Hawk "Red X, do you think you could hurry this up a bit? I'm dieing in here!"

"Was your hump just talking?" asked Beast Boy.

"NO! I mean no. Anyways I can get you out of here, I helped design this Tower and now secrets even the Titans don't know." said the old man.

"Why help me?" asked Beast Boy.

"Well truth be told I need your help for something, I need someone with a strong back. And who has a stronger back than someone who can change into a don't give me that look this isn't a robbery it's a treasure hunt. There is a cave, a cave of wonders. It will have jewels beyond your wildest dreams. Then maybe you can afford some decent clothes...maybe even take the girl of your dreams out on a fancy date." said the old man.

Beast Boy blushed at this.

"What do you think Naru?" asked Beast Boy.

Naru just shrugged.

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