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Mark Kent Lemley

Beast Boy Of The Junkyard

Chapter Four-Other Disney Songs

Beast Boy was watching the tv that Tech had managed to fix when he noticed Jenna looking sad.

"Hey kido, what's wrong?" asked Beast Boy.

"I was just thinking that if you didn't have to steal for us that maybe you would be a little richer." said Jenna.

"Listen, as long as I have my friends I don't need anything else. All I need is my friends and that beat." said Beast Boy.

"Beat? What beat?" asked a confused Jenna.

"Don't tell me you can't hear it, ever city has it, listen." said Beast Boy.

Jenna listened carefully and she heard noise but it did seem to have a certain rhythm to it.

"I hear it!" said Jenna.

"Good." said Beast Boy.

"But I still think you'd be happier if you had some money. Then you wouldn't have to dress in those rags." said Jenna.

"Girl let me explain something to you." said Beast Boy.

He felt the beat and started dancing to it.The next thing you know he was singing to it.

"One minute I'm in Jump City Park, then I'm down on Lancey Street." sang Beast Boy.

Jenna eyed him weirdly fora second. "We're in a junkyard."

"Not the point, just listen. say from the Bowery to St. Marks, there's a syncopated beat. No I say woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo."

Jenna then saw Beast Boy making his way up ahill of junk to the top.

"I'm street wise. I can improvise. I said woo-hoo-ooo-hoo-ooo. I'm street smart. I've got Jump City heart."

Beast Boy then grabbed a hub cap and started to slide down the hill.

"Why should I worry? Why should I care? I may not have a dime, but I got street savoir faire."

"Street what?" asked Jenna.

Once BB got off the hill he said to Jenna "Never mind that, focus."

Beast Boy then started to make his way over to another pile of junk.

"Why should I worry? Why should I care? It's just be-bopulation. I got street savoir faire."

Beast Boy finally arrives at the pile and smiles. He starts to jump from one item to the next while singing.

"The rhythm of the city. Girl, once you get it down, then you can own a town. You can wear the CROOOOOWN."

"There's a crown?" asked Jenna.

Somehow Beast Boy managed to find a way for certain items to spring him down to safety.

"Why should I worry? Tell me, why should I care?"

Jillian and Sarah noticed his singing and started to move to the beat a little.

"Say, I may not have a dime, oh but I got street savoir faire."

Beast Boy then managed to find a working piano in one of the piles and started playing it.

"Why should I worry? Why should I care? It's just doo-wopulation. And I got street savoir faire."

Jillian and Sarah deciding they liked the song sung a little too. "Everything goes, everything fits."

Beast Boy threw Jillian a box of candy from the inside of the piano and sung "They love me at the Chelsea, they adore me at the Ritz."

"Why should I worry? Why should I care, yeah. And even when I cross that line, I got street savoir faire."

Beast Boy then jumped down and everyone else decided to join in.

"Why should I worry?Tell me,why should I care? Say, I may not have a dime. Oh but I got street savoir faire." Sang Beast Boy but Sarah joined in at savoir faire.

So the two started to sing "Why should we worry?" Then Max decided to start up. "Why should we care? We may not have a dime, but we've got street savoir faire."

Then Tech started to sing."Why should we worry? Why should we care? It's just be-bopulation, we got street savoir faire."

The next thing you know everyone is jumping from one pile of junk to the next.

"The rhythm of the city. Girl, once you get it down, then you can own a town. You can wear the crooooooown."

Jenna, now getting the rhythm starting singing along. "Why should we worry? Why should we care? It's just doo-wopulation, we got streeet savoir faire. Why should we worry? Why should we care? And even when we cross that line, we got street savoir faire."

They ended their singing by vocalizing.

"Understand now?" asked Beast Boy.

"Yeah! You don't have money and you don't care!" said Jenna.

"That's my girl, uh-oh looks like miss teddy has a rip in her arm. Better take that to Sarah so she can make her all better." said Beast Boy.

So Jenna left and Beast Boy gave everyone's life a once over. "They deserve better than this. If only I could find a job that payed well enough..."

"Beast Boy! Could I talk to you for a moment?" shouted Jillian.

Beast Boy walked over to Jillian who was around Tech and Max.

"What's the spill Jill?" asked Beast Boy.

"Um well I'd rather talk to you ALONE." said Jillian.

"Hey whatever you gotta say you can say it in front of us right BB?" asked Max.

"Maybe it'd be better if I talked to her alone." said Beast Boy.

So with that Beast Boy and Jillian walked off...alone.

"I can see what's happening." sang Max.

"What?" asked Tech.

"And they don't have a clue!"

"Who?" asked Tech.

"They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line, our trio's down to two."

"Oh." said Tech now understanding.

"The sweet caress of twighlight. There's magic everywhere." sang Max.

"But we're in a junkyard, not exactly a very magical place really." said Tech.

"Shut up and listen. And with all of this romantic atmosphere,DISASTER'S IN THE AIR!"

Can you feel the love tonight?

The peace the evening brings.

The world for once, in perfect harmony, with all it's living things.

Beast Boy then had some flash backs of himself being forced to steal for two creeps. That was how he became the FBI's most wanted eight year old. After the two idiots got so greedy they killed themselves he lived on the streets stealing food, and eventually he met everyone one by one. But that didn't change what he did.

"So many things to tell her,

But how to make her see,

The truth about my past? Impossible!

She'd turn away from me."

Jillian could tell something was bothering him. Why couldn't she just tell him how she felt? There was the fact that whenever the subject came up she was tounge tied but wasn't fair! And what isn't he telling her, she knew he wasn't telling her something.

"He's holding back, he's hiding,

but what I can't decide.

Why won't he be the hero I know he is?

The hero I see inside?"

Beast Boy and Jillian looked at each other for a second and blushed.

Can you feel the love tonight?

You needn't look to far.

Stealing through the night's uncertainties.

Love is where they are.

Back with Max and Tech the two started to sing again.

"And if he falls in love tonight, it can be assumed..." sang Max.

"His carefree days with us are history..." sang Tech.

"In short our pals are dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed!" sang both of them.

Beast Boy and Jillian then noticed that Max and Tech were there.

"What's their problem?" asked Beast Boy.

"Who knows, there's always something bothering those two." said Jillian.

"Jillian, there's been something I've been wanting to tell you..." said Beast Boy.

Jillian's eyes glazed over as they widened with hope. "Yes?" asked Jillian.

"Well you see I l..." Beast Boy was then hit by a starbolt.

"Damn it! Why do these things keep on happening?" asked avery annoyed Jillian.

Beast Boy looked up from the ground to see the Titans.

"No way! How did you dudes find me?" asked Beast Boy.

"The wound you got yesterday left a trail of blood. It lead us right to you." said Cyborg.

"Now are you going to come with us peacefully or is this going to get rough?" asked Robin.

"HE'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" shouted Max jumping into action.

Pretty soon Sarah, Tech and Jillian joined in. Jenna was in her room and was told to stay there until this whole mess was over.

Naru jumped down and tried to get ontop of Raven's hood but she used her powers to get him stuck in a trunk.

"EVERYONE STOP!" shouted Beast Boy.

Beast Boy then walked up to Robin.

"I'll go with you guys without a fight if you leave them all alone. They have nothing to do with my robberies, those are all me dude. Sound fair?" asked Beast Boy.

"Alright. But we'll be keeping an eye on these guys for any funny stuff." said Robin.

"Trust me, you won't find any funny stuff. Jillian, it's up to you to take care of everyone...and make sure Jenna goes to bed on time." said Beast Boy.

Before any of the teenagers of the junkyard could say anything Raven teleported the Titans and Beast Boyto Titan's Tower.

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