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Mark Kent Lemley

Beast Boy Of The Junkyard

Chapter Three-Naru Says That's Not Fair

Titan's Tower...

"I have never been so insulted in all my life!" said a voice.

The twin doors to Titan's Tower slammed open and out came the super hero from the last chapter only without his pants.

"Whip! Where do you think you're going?" asked Robin.

"I'm out of here! Good luck trying to find a fifth member to those brats!" said Whip.

Robin just groaned in aggrevation. They did it again, they thought the newest entry was toouptight so they chased them away. It was time for a leader to team talk.

Robin stormed his way into the living room where he found the Titans having a laugh at what they did to Whip, even Raven was laughing for some reason.

"I take it you guys are the reason why Whip is pantless, alright everyone you know the drill, on the couch now!" said Robin.

The Titans sighed and took a seat.

"Why do you guys keep doing this? Don't you want a fifth member?" asked Robin.

"Yeah but we don't want someone like that! I want someone who'll play video games with me man...not that you don't do that already with me." said Cyborg.

"And I wish for a friend who is almost as friendly as me." said Starfire.

"And I would like a team mate who would know when to shut up before I hurt them." said Raven.

"You guys...we need a new team mate not a new friend. Try to be nicer to the next one, for me." said Robin.

With that he left the room, and slumped down to his knees in the hallway.

"I don't know why they gotta be like that, the Justice League wasn't as half as picky." said Robin.

A shadow soon loomed over him and Robin got a birdarang out but put it away when he saw that it was their new allie...Red X.

"Oh it's only you, Red X, trusted allie of the Teen Titans." said Robin.

"Don't forget my trusted hawk X Hawk." said Red X.

"Oh I almost forgot, hawks love fish right? Well I just so happen to have some fish sticks here just for him." said Robin as he started shoving fish sticks into X Hawk's mouth who clearly didn't like them.

"I always did say that you had a way with stupid, idotic, moronic birds." said Red X.

X Hawk glared at him one of the deadliest glares ever with a beak full of fish sticks...which didn't look all that threatening really.

"Yeah I know. Too bad you're over the age limit, well I gotta go train. See you later." said Robin.

The instant he left X Hawk spat out the fish sticks.

"I don't know how long I can keep this up! I swear I'm going to kill that stupid Boy Blunder if he tries to give me another disgusting fish stick!" shouted X Hawk.

"Relax X Hawk, we'll play the hero roll for now and then when the time is right we'll take over, then there won't be anything that won't belong to us!" said Red X.

"And then I can shove the fish sticks down HIS throat." said X Hawk.

The two then started to laugh evilly.


Beast Boy was still sleeping in the convertable atop of many piled up cars when a pebble hit the car window. Beast Boy slept right through it, so then a rock was thrown through the window and hit BB in the head.

"OW!" said the voice in the car.

"Come one Beast Boy, it's time for you to go and find us some breakfast!" shouted Jillian.

"Alright, alright! I'll get up already, just don't throw another rock at me." said Beast Boy.

Pretty soon Beast Boy came out of the convertable and came down to his friends. They told him what they all wanted for breakfast and he left with Naru.


4 hours later...

Beast Boy came back with the food but he looked seriously injured. Even Naru looked a little beaten up.

"Beast Boy! What happened?" asked a worried Jillian.

"I was attacked, at first I thought it was the Titans new member but he looked too old. They have this X guy working with them now and...let's just say I was caught unprepared." said Beast Boy.

"Let's get you to the ambulence truck." said Sarah.

There was a lot of things one could find in a junkyard, including an ambulence truck.

So they helped their shapeshifting friend to the ambulence truck.

"Um Jillian, you know how to treat wounds better than we do so we'll just leave you two alone." said Max.

"What're you talking about Max? We can treat wounds just as well as..." Tech would've completed his sentence but...


"OW! MY FOOT! WHAT'D YOU DO THAT FOR...oh now I see. Max is right, we'll just leave you two alone now." said Tech holding his foot.

So with that Max, Tech, and Sarah left Jillian and Beast Boy alone...well Tech hopped out anyways.

"What was that all about? Hey Jillian why are you blushing?" asked Beast Boy.

"Oh just shut up and let me see your wounds." said Jillian.

Beast Boy rolled up his pant leg to show her a deep scare in his left leg.

"Looks pretty bad, I may have to give you some pain killers so I can treat it properly." said Jillian.

"WHAT? Can't I just change into an animal that can regenerate itself? I hate niddles!" said Beast Boy.

"Well yeah I suppose that could work but most animals that can regenerate usually takes a few weeks." said Jillian.

"Right, forgot about that for a second. So what about Naru?"askedBeast Boy.

"He just needs a few bandages and he should be fine." said Jillian.

"You know I never noticed before but you really do know a lot about medicine and junk." said Beast Boy handing her an apple that he stole earlier.

"Yes, well, my mother used to be a nurse and she taught me everything I know...then the car crash happened." said Jillian.

Unbeknowst to Jillian right now Naru was trying to sneak up on her to steal her apple.

"Something similar happened to me with my parents, only instead of a car crash it was a waterfall. I tried to save them! I really did! But I couldn't." said Beast Boy.

"I know the feeling, after the car crash my god parents said that they didn't want me and kicked me out the door. Next thing you know I'm living with you guys." Said Jillian.

Beast Boy then saw what Naru was doing. "NARU!" shouted Beast Boy.

Naru then started to squeak wildly.

"Whoa, Naru...never knew you had such a colorful language." said Beast Boy.

"Why? What did he say?" asked Jillian.

"He said um...Damnidy! Damnidy! Damn! Damn!That's not fair." said Beast Boy.

Naru had a look on his face that said 'I did?' (A/N: I always loved that part of the movie)

"That's very sweet and very foul of him." said Jillian.

"Oh! By the way I made you something." said Beast Boy.

He pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to Jillian.

She opened her hand to see a heart shaped locket made out of a mirror. It was the most dazzling thing she ever saw.

"This-This is beutiful Beast Boy." said an amazed, although completely red, Jillian.

"Try it on." said Beast Boy.

"You mean the locket?" asked Jillian.

"No Naru, of course the locket!" said Beast Boy.

She did and it fit perfectly.

"This way you'll always have a piece of me no matter what happens." said Beast Boy.

Beast Boy's and Jillian's faces moved closer towards each other but then...

"HEY BEAST BOY!" shouted Max.

"Damn it!" said both Beast Boy and Jillian.

"Oh what's wrong now?" asked Beast Boy as he came out of the ambulence.

In front of his friends were Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx.

"I didn't think a junkyard could look so nice." said Jinx.

"Yeah, should be the perfect place to launch our attack against the Titans." said Gizmo.

"No way! This isOUR junkyard!" said Max.

"Yeah, go and get your own youdummy heads!" said Jenna.

"Oh yeah? Well what're you going to do to us if we don't you little brat?" asked Gizmo.

"Then you'll have to deal with me!" said Beast Boy.

"BB no! You're too injured to fight!" said Jillian holding him back by the arm.

"Yeah boss we can handle it." said Tech.

"You just rest up." said Sarah.

"We got things here." said Max.

"Pft. You junkyard teens think you can take on the H.I.VE.?" asked Gizmo.

"We don't think, we know." said Sarah.

"Attack pattern Alpha!" said Jinx.

Jinx was about to launch an attack on Sarah when Naru jumped out of nowhere and onto Jinx's face.

"Yo midget!" said Tech holding some sort of remote.

Gizmo let out his robotic spider legs and loomed over the goggled teen.

"You aren't the only one with tech." said Tech.

Tech then turned the dial on the remote and hub caps from all over the junkyard levitated off the ground then flew at Gizmo.

"Huh?" was the only thing Gizmo managed to get out before the hub caps cut off Gizmo's spider legs.

Tech then ran up to Gizmo and sat on his back, pinning down the midget.

Mammoth was trying to punch Max but all his attacks were dodged. Mammoth then tried to punch Max's face again but he ducked and kicked Mammoth in the stomach

"Yo! What's this guy made of rock?" said Max holding his foot.

Mammoth then grinned and pulled back his fist ready to punch in Max's face. But then Jenna jumped down from out of nowhere and covered Mammoth's eyes.

"Hey! Get off of me!" shouted Mammoth while flailing his head about trying to get the little girl off of his head.

"Gety up!" said Jenna.

Mammoth, desperate to get the girl off his head, charged head first into a pile of cars. Unfortunately for him Jenna jumped off at the last second and Mammoth got his head stuck in a car. Then the entire pile came down on him. So that is how Mammoth got beaten up by a little girl.

Elsewhere Jinx was still trying to get Naru off of her face. When she did finally get him off she saw a fist coming right at her. And that ladies and gentlemen is how Jinx got her black eye. Apparently the fist belonged to Sarah as she was now going nonstop on a thrashing just for Jinx.

Pretty soon the H.I.V.E. students were in a pile of themselves. Jinx by far looked the worse with her black eye and missing teeth.

"You actually beat them." said Beast Boy astounded.

"Eh. We had the home field advantage." said Max.

"I guess we should turn them in to the police huh?" asked Sarah.


Jump City Police Station...

The chief of police was about ready to go out for lunch when he spotted the three H.I.V.E. students tied up in front of the station.

Of course when the H.I.V.E. was questioned they didn't answer because it was too embarassing admitting that you were beaten by a bunch of homless people.

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