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Mark Kent Lemley

Beast Boy Of The Junkyard

Chapter Two-Freak Rat
Italics means singing, and bold means that it is being said at the same time. Start the fic.

Beast Boy just gave a sigh as he sat down on the back seat of a car, which was apparently missing the car. Pretty soon Max joined him.

“So how did she like the rose man?” asked Max.

“I guess she didn’t, she just ran to her room…er car.” Said Beast Boy.

“It’s my personal belief that girls are nothing but trouble.” Said Max.

“I’m beginning to understand that.” Said Beast Boy.

Then Sarah walked by with a playful smile on her lips as if she was showing off just for them.

“Then again…” said both Max and Beast Boy.

The two shared a hardy laugh. Max was his best friend, and they liked to hang out with each other.

“Hey Max, watch this.” Said Beast Boy.

Beast Boy snuck over to Tech who was working on getting their abandoned television set to work. He was so busy he didn’t even notice that Beast Boy was right behind him.

“HEY TECH!” shouted Beast Boy.

Tech jumped twenty feet into the air.

Max was laughing so hard that the car seat fell over backwards taking Max along with it.

Eventually Tech came back down to the junkyard.

“Beast Boy! I told you, DON’T DO THAT!” shouted Tech.

“It’s not my fault you’re so easy. But seriously dude, I’ll make it up to you, tomorrow I’ll get you something extra special, you name it you got it buddy.” Said Beast Boy.

“Hm…I want donuts!” said Tech.

“You got it dude.” Said Beast Boy.

Now behind a tower of destroyed cars Beast Boy was being watched, not by a villain but by Jillian.

“Hi Jillian.” Said Sarah.

This time it was Jillian’s turn to jump twenty feet into the air.

“Sarah! Don’t do that!” said Jillian.

“You’re watching Beast Boy again aren’t you?” asked Sarah.

Jillian quickly blushed.

"It's perfectly understandable, he is a nice guy." said Sarah.

"Well... you see... he...I...we..." babbled Jillian.

"Listen girl, if you don't make your move sooner or later I'm going to snatch him up myself." said Sarah.

"DON'T YOU DARE!" shouted Jillian.

"Hey ladies." said Beast Boy.

Now both ladies shot into the air.

"DON'T DO THAT!" shouted the ladies.

"Sorry but I just wanted to know what you were yelling about...I was worried." said Beast Boy.

"Oh don't you worry your green head about anything, everything's A OK over here right Sarah?" said Jillian.

"Jillian was checking you out." said Sarah flatly.

Jillian's face was now as red as a beet and she ran to her room er car.

"Did I miss something?" asked Beast Boy.

Beast Boy then heard a painful groan. He looked over to his right and saw that Jenna wasn't looking too good.

"Jenna! What happened?" asked Beast Boy

"I think I ate too much candy." said Jenna.

"Well what about Naru?" asked Beast Boy.

Jenna pointed to her left where Naru was with a big pot belly.

"I tried to warn you about eating too much candy but you didn't listen. Now I have to go out and steal you some stomach medicine." said Beast Boy.

"I'm sorry Beast Boy." said Jenna.

"Oh it's alright, just next time try not to scarf the whole thing down in one bite." said Beast Boy.

With that BB changed into a falcon and flew off.

Jenna then gave out a big burp.

"Hey...I feel better now. I'd better go findBeast Boy and tell him to forget the medicine." said Jenna.

Jenna picked up her teddy bear and chased after him.


Beast Boy had finally found the drug store but then noticed a crowd was starting to develop. Wanting to see what the commotion was about BB went over to it. Turns out there was a superhero on a horse who looked like Zorro only had a whip instead of a sword.

"Sigh, here comes another one." said one man.

"Another superhero who thinks he's good enough to join the Teen Titans." said another.

But then something happened that Beast Boy would never forget. Jenna ran in front of this guy to tell Beast Boy that she was alright but startled the horse by accident.

"Get out of my way you little brat!" shouted the 'superhero'.

He brought his whip down only for it to be pulled away by Beast Boy.

"You know, if I were a superhero I'd think I would be able to learn some manners!" said Beast Boy.

"I'll show you some manners!" said the man.

The man just pushed Beast Boy into the mud with his foot.

"Well look at that Jenna, you usually don't see a horse walking around with TWO butts." insulted Beast Boy.

But the man and his horse just kept walking.

"Puh-lease, you're just a street rat...wait you're not even a street rat you're lower than that, you're a freak rat. You were born a freak rat, you were raised a freak rat, and you'll die a freak rat. And only your fleas will mourn you." said the man.

"You're wrong you dummy head!" shouted Jenna.

"Ah don't listen to him Jenna, I grew up with those kind of insults. They just go in one ear and out the other, besides I wasn't really born like this, so I guess he really doesn't know his freaks that well." said Beast Boy.

"But you're not a freak!" said Jenna.

"And we don't have fleas." said Beast Boy.

It was at that moment that both Beast Boy and Jenna invoulantarily scratched their heads.

"Now as for you young lady..." Beast Boy said in a tone most fathers use when their child had done something wrong. "Mind telling me what you're doing out here?" asked Beast Boy.

"I wanted to tell you that I burped and am all better now and that you don't have to steal, because everybody knows how much you hate doing that." said Jenna.

"Well almost everyone." said Beast Boy looking at Titans Tower.

He then heard Jenna give a big yawn.

"Woop, looks like it's time to get you to bed kid." Said Beast Boy.

"But I'm not tired." lied Jenna.

"Yeah right, and Mr. Horse Butt has some magic beans to sell me. Come on, I'll give you a horsie back ride home to the Junkyard." said Beast Boy

Beast Boy then changed into a horse, helped Jenna get on his back, and she fell asleep on his back halfway back home.



Beast Boy started to tuck in Jenna. Jenna's room was a school bus, thanks to Tech, Jenna had the biggest bed out of all of them. You see Tech had managed to convert all the seats on the bus into one bed.

"Good night Jenna. I'll see you in the morning." said Beast Boy.

"Good night." said Jenna very sleepily.

She hugged her teddy bear tightly before going into a deep sleep.

As Beast Boy left he felt compelled to sing.

"Freak rat, freak rat, I don't buy that."

Beast Boy then started to make his way to his room which was a convertable with the seats back. The convertable was atop of many piled up cars.

"If only they'd look closer, would they see a poor boy? No, no siree."

Beast Boy got into his bed (the convertable) and pulled up the blanket onto himself.

"They'd find out, there's so much more to meeeeeeeeeee."

Beast Boy then kicked a button near the steering wheel and the roof soon covered the convertable. Good timing too, because as soon as the hood came up it started to rain.

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