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Mark Kent Lemley

A Series Of Ghostly Events

Chapter Three-First Day At School

The next morning Violet, Klaus, and Sunny woke up. They got dressed and exited the Fenton RV.

"Wonder if they got breakfast ready." said Klaus.

They walked upstairs to see Danny talking on the phone.

"So Jazz, how's college? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. No nothing I couldn't handle. Why didn't you tell me I had some cousins? Because I never asked? That's the sort of answer I was expecting from Mom and Dad. Hello? Jazz? Figures, she hung up." said Danny.

Yes that's right people. Jazz had already gone to college early and it looks like she's decided to stay in the dorms. Of course any refrence of her acting like her parents causes the action you've just seen. It was at this time I noticed my cousins were up.

"Oh hey guys. I got some news, turns out my brainiac sister has decided to stay in college at the dorms. So that means her room is pretty much up for grabs." said Danny.

"Ah kids you're up. You'll be glad to know that me and Maddie have enrolled you in Casper High with Danny." said Jack.

"Sniff. There off to their first day of High School." said Maddie.

"They just started living here and they're already growing up." said Jack wiping away a tear.

"Well Klaus they're getting all choked up on our first day of school." said Violet.

Before Klaus could answer her the door bell rang.

"I'll get it!" said Jack.

Violet and Klaus looked at each other worriedly for a second.

"You don't suppose..." started Klaus.

"Knowing him? Yeah I do!" said Violet.

Klaus and Violet then followed their Uncle to the front door.

Jack opened the door to see a man with a rain coat, he had a brown mustache and was wearing sunglasses. He was in disguise but the two geniuses could recognize Count Olaf when they saw him.

"Can I help you?" asked Jack.

"Ah yes. I am the local Ghost Portal inspector and..."

"You're Count Olaf!" said Klaus.

"Count who?" asked Jack.

"Yes. Who is this incredibly handsome Count Olaf that I have never heard of?" asked Count Olaf.

"Well I don't know who this Count guy is but I do know this, there's no such thing as a Ghost Portal inspector! Maddie! Get the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick!" shouted Jack.

Maddie soon came running up with a baseball bat.

"But isn't that just a baseball bat?" asked Klaus.

"Yes, but it's a bat with the word Fenton on it." said Maddie.

She then started to chase Olaf down the street with the Fenton Bat.

"Man that's hot!" said Jack.

"So who's this Count guy?" asked Danny.

And so this how me and my father learned the unfortunate tale of my cousins as they went into detail about their past.

"So my sister and her husband were murdered?" asked Jack.

It was a very rare moment when I saw my dad this mad. Let's just say that it was a good thing my momwas chasing him and not within arms length of my dad.

"Yes! But every time he gets caught he always manages to get away!" said Klaus.

"Wow. And I thought I had problems." said Danny to himself.

"Well he'd better just hope he never comes around here again! Cause if he does he's going to wish he was a ghost when I get through with him!" said Jack.

Maddie soon came back with a broken Fenton Anti-Creep Stick. "He got away. But not before I got in a couple of good hits!" Maddie then looked at her watch and said "Well you kids better get going or you'll be late for school. And don't worry about Sunny kids, I have everything under control."

So me and my cousins start walking to school. And I can't help but feel like I should tell them about my ghost powers. They let me in on their pain, maybe I should tell them my secret.

"So Danny, exactly what kind of High School is Casper High?" asked Violet.

"Well..." started Danny.

It was at this time that Sam and Tucker decided to show up.

"Hey Danny. Who're these two?" asked Sam.

"Sam, Tucker, these are my cousins Violet and Klaus. Violet, Klaus, these are my best friends Sam and Tucker." said Danny.

Tucker made his way over to Violet.

"That's Tucker Foley, TF as in Too Fine." flirted Tucker.

"Tucker, no flirting with members of my family okay?" asked Danny.

"Why don't you let her decide that." said Tucker.

"I have to agree with Danny on this one." said Violet.

"Aw man!" said Tucker.

So us five continued on to school, but when we arrived...

"Hey Fentonio!" shouted Dash.

We ran into the idiotic quarterback.

"What do you want Dash? I don't have time for this." said Danny.

"Looks like you added a couple new recruits to the loser squad." said Dash.

"Excuse me?" asked Klaus.

"Losers?" asked Violet.

"But I bet they can't guess what time it is!" said Dash.

"Sigh. Flag pole time." said Danny depressedly.

"Flag pole time?" asked Violet.

About five minutes later I was hanging on the flag pole by my underwear. Luckily Sam got me down before we could be late for class.

"Class I would like for you to welcome our two new students, Violet and Klaus Baudelaire." said Mr. Lancer.

The class seemed uninterested.

Don't you just love the people in this school? They always know how to make you feel welcome. (sarcasm)

"Why don't you two take a seat by Mr. Fenton while I start todays lesson." said Mr. Lancer.

During the lesson Violet and Klaus whispered to each other a conversation.

"Well Klaus, I don't know about you but I think I'm starting to feel at home in this town." said Violet.

"Violet, wake up and smell the reality! It's only a matter of time before Count Olaf screws things up for us!" whispered Klaus.


"Everytime we think we've found home he comes along and ruins it for us! Sometimes...sometimes I just want it all to stop. Have the world as it should." said Klaus.

"Mr. Lancer, please report to the principle's office." said the voice on the intercom.

"Class while I head down to the office I think now would be an appropriate time for the new student teachers to introduce themselves." said Mr. Lancer.

As Mr. Lancer left two female figures stepped out of the shadows and started to head for the class. As they walked past Danny a blue mist came out of his mouth.

Now who here can tell me the names of these two ghosts?

"Hello class, my name is Ms. Ber." she said this as she wrote her name on the board.

"And I'm Dr. Siree."

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