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Mark Kent Lemley

A Series Of Ghostly Events

Chapter Two-Count Olaf's Bad Day

And who should come out of the Ghost Zone but...


Well who were you expecting, Skulker?

"Oh it's only you." said Danny.


"This won't take but a second guys." said Danny.


"Say hello to my little friend." said Danny holding up the Fenton Thermos.

The Box Ghost yelled and flew into the Ghost Zone.


"And that takes care of him." said Danny.

"Who was that? And why was he afraid of that Thermos?" asked Violet.

"Oh him? That was just the Box Ghost, don't worry he's harmless. Couldn't haunt a fly if hisafterlife depended on it." said Danny.

"What about that Thermos?" asked Klaus.

"This is the Fenton Thermos. One of the few inventions of my dad's that actually work. It's designed to capture ghosts." said Danny.

Sunny then yawned.

"Listen guys. It's getting pretty late. I'll talk to you in the morning." said Danny.

"Okay, night Danny." said Violet.


Well that was fun but let's check on my mom and dad shall we?


Jack and Maddie saw what looked like a man in sheet ontop of a building. But of course with Jack and Maddie being who they were they thought it was a real ghost.

I didn't know it at the time but that idiot under the sheet was really Count Olaf.

"Whooooaaaaaa. Jack Fenton, give up your wife and son." said Count Olaf in a stupid ghost voice.

Count Olaf then heard a beeping noise.

"What's that noise?" asked Olaf.


Olaf looked down to see a green missile coming straight for him.

"Uh-oh." was all Count Olaf could get out before...


"Ya see that honey? No ghost is going to tell Jack Fenton to give up his family!" said Jack.

Back on the roof Count Olaf realized that dressing up as a ghost to scare my parents was a very stupid idea.

"Cough. Okay. Cough. That was stupid. Cough." said Count Olaf limping away from the explosion.

He then layed down against the back of the roof.

"That Vlad said he would get me the fortune if I could get Maddie and Danny for him. He just didn't say how difficult that would be." said Count Olaf.

Count Olaf then got into a thinking position. He needed to get Jack and Danny for Vlad or else he wouldn't get any of the fortune. Oh who was he kidding, he was just going to kill Jack.

"Jack before I forget, we have to make a stop by the grocery store." said Maddie.

"Sigh. Fine." said Jack.


Grocery store...

Jack was walking down the isle of canned food.

"Where do they keep the ham in this place?" asked Jack.

Jack was so busy looking for canned ham he didn't notice Olaf with an axe sneaking up behind him. Olaf reeled back the axe and swung.

"Oops dropped a can." said Jack.

He bent over to pick up said can and the axe completely missed him but did cause a whole bunch of cans to drop onto Olaf.

Jack moved over to the pile of cans Count Olaf was crushed and picked up a can.

"Here's the ham."

Once Jack left the isle Count Olaf started to get out of the pile.

"Ow, that hurt. Not going to do that again." said Count Olaf.

Later in the sea food section.

"Now let's see. Where is that crab meat?" asked Jack.

Count Olaf then took out his knife and tried to tackle Jack. The only problem is he missed Jack completely, but he did manage to nail the lobster tank. And the lobsters certainly did manage to put the pinch on him. How they got the rubber bands off is a mystery but the point is that Olaf was in a lot of pain.

"Hey pal! You broke my tank! I hope you're able to pay for that!" said the clerk.

Olaf just glared at the guy.

Well after Jack and Maddie decided that they had enough groceries they paid and exited the store.

"Do we have everything?" asked Jack.

Jack was carrying most of the groceries but neither of them noticed Count Olaf planting a dynamite stick ontop of one of the giant letters to the store.

"I think so. We'd better get home, it's starting to get pretty late." said Maddie.


The giant letter fell to the ground but missed Jack.

"WHY WON'T YOU DIE?" shouted Count Olaf from the edge of the roof.

"Jack did you hear something?" asked Maddie.

"Not a thing." said Jack.

Count Olaf then heard a rumbling sound. Apparently the dynamite he used was stronger than he thought and his weight was giving way to the part of the roof he was standing on.

"I'm having a really bad day." said Count Olaf.

The roof then collapsed leaving Olaf under the rubble. But luckily he found a man hole there too.

He was soon in the sewers.

"Well this isn't so bad. Maybe my luck is changing." said Olaf.

A rat then bit his leg.

"OW! You're as bad as the monkey! I'll show you what happens to monkey rats!" said Olaf taking out his axe again.

As he continuously tried to chop the poor rat in half but instead hit a sewage pipe and got sprayed with somebody's digested dinner.

"OOOH! I think I'm just going to go home now and shower up." said Count Olaf.

He started to climb up a ladder and he removed the man hole cover. But the instant he did the rear end of a car hit him.

"Jack did you just feel something?" asked Maddie in the car.

"Not a thing." said Jack.

As the car drove away Count Olaf finally managed to get out of the sewer.

"Jack Fenton...! I just hate you so much." said Olaf with fake tears.

Wow. I almost feel sorry for the guy. Note I said 'almost'.


Fenton Family Assault Vehicle...

The three orphans were preparing for bed.

"So, what do you think of Danny?" asked Klaus.

"He's okay I guess." said Violet.

"You guess?" asked Klaus.

"Okay Klaus, I now this is going to sound weird but I can't help but think that he's hiding something from us." said Violet.

"You're probably just still a little spooked by the ghost. It's more than likely your imagination." said Klaus.

You know, for a genius he certainly is off on this one.

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