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Mark Kent Lemley

Ranma The Were-Lion

Chapter Three-Card Game Of The Stars


Ranma was doing a series of kantas that were instructed in his father's book in a foresty area. The birds were chirping, the sky was blue, and you could hear a river nearby that led into a lake. Ranma made a mental note to take a nice cold swim later. That was one of things he used to miss the most, a nice cold swim on a hot day without changing. Ranma was wearing a muscle T-Shirt with a lion on itthat looked to be made out of some sort of rare fabric. He had on, for lack of his prefrence of shoes, running shoes with cleets on the bottom.

"You know Leo, I'm starting to feel really at home with these types of kantas...even the art itself but..."

"You're starting to wonder to which art your heart and loyaltybelongs to?" asked Leo.

"Well yeah, on one hand I would like to follow in my real father's footsteps but I also have a sense of loyalty to the school ifAnything Goes." said Ranma.

"Hm...I see. You practically grew up with the Anything Goes Style but you feel more accustomed to Lion Style Martial Arts which is perfectly natural." said Leo.

"I'm just so conflicted! Speaking of which um I was wondering if you could tell me a thing or two about...girls?" asked Ranma.

"Whoa! I thought Genma went over this sort of thing when you hit thirteen..."

"Not that kind of stuff! I mean is it right to hit them? That sort of stuff!" said Ranma.

"Oh. Well that's different now isn't it? Well personally I think that you shouldn't go around picking fights with them but if one of them attacks you for no reason then you have the right to defend yourself. And if they challenge you then you should fight them just as you would any other person. Not one gender is greater than the other." said Leo.

"Really? Well that's still not going to stop me from becoming the best." said Ranma.

"I never said it should. But if you have to fight a woman to be the best would you do it?" asked Leo.

"I-I don't know. I never thought of it before. Well I guess it would all depend on how good the woman was I suppose." said Ranma.

"Still, as a martial artist you have a duty to fight any challenger, even if it is a woman." said Leo.

"Well I guess you kind of have a point there. Now what can you tell me about the vampire god that killed my father?" asked Ranma.

There was nothing but silence.

"I am sorry Ranma, but that is the one thing I refuse to tell you. It was hard enough watching your people and your father die and I will not just let you throw your life away like that!" said Leo.

"Sigh. Fine, you don't want to talk about it, I understand. But I will get some pay back on those who took away the chance I had to have a father that would actually give a damn about me." said Ranma.

"I never knew you wanted a father like that so badly." said Leo.

"You kidding me? A real father is supposed to teach you how to ride a bike, Genma taught me how to steal one! A real father is supposed to take you on fishing trips, Genma threw me in a lake and told me to catch some fish as speed training! Genma was quite possibly the worse father canidate I could think of!" said Ranma.

"Alright now just calm down. If you're done with your kantas I would like to test you on your speed, strength ect." said Leo.

"It's okay, it's just that Genma never once told me hecared aboutme. Now then, if I'm going hybrid I'm taking off my shirt and shoes. This is brand new stuff man!"

"Never thought you were one to care about your clothes." said Leo.

"Hey! Don't give me that tone! This clothes are expensive! My mom would kill me if she found out I ripped them apart!" said Ranma as he took off his shirt and shoes.

Ranma then went hybrid, he loved the feeling he got just by being it. It felt like...home.

Ranma then took this time to examine his claws, he found they were retractable.

"Okay Ranma, let's test your speed. Now then, I want you to run in that direction for a little while." said Leo.

Ranma did exactly that and he was loving the speed he was going at.

"Hmm...You have a cruise-speed of 250 mph. You can stop now Ranma...yes sir anytime now...please?"asked Leo.

"No way! This is the kind of speed I've been dreaming of! Faster! Faster! Faster!" said Ranma.

Ranma was now running through the forest, running over things like plants and bushes. He was enjoying it so much he failed to notice the boulder he running straight towards.

"Ranma look out for that boulder!" shouted Leo.

Ranma plowed right through the boulder.

"What did you just say? I'm sorry I wasn't listening." said Ranma.

"Uh never mind." said Leo while sweatdropping.

Ranma continued to run until he was finally out of breath.

"Ya done?" asked Leo.

"Pretty (pant) much..." said Ranma.

"Good! Because frankly now unless you catch your breath it's going to take even longer to get to the" said Leo.

"Oh (pant) crud..." said Ranma.

"Now I want to test your strength alright?"

"Okay!" said Ranma.


Nerima Zoo...

Nabiki grinned greedily as she counted the money she got from selling an unconscious Genma to the zoo.

"Well he's your problem now. Don't forget to install that security system I recommended so he doesn't escape, because trust me he will." said Nabiki.

"Thank you Miss Tendo, this panda should attract a lot of customers." said the owner of the zoo.

"No problem, let me know if you ever need some petting zoo animals." said Nabiki.

"Petting zoo animals? No I don't think we need anymore of those but we'll let you know." said the owner.

It was just as well. She doubted she could get Ryouga, Mousse, and Shampoo here. Heck she doubted she could even survive the attempt.

"Well I'll see you later than." said Nabiki.

Nabiki practically drooled as she saw all the money she made. She should've done this in the first place.


"I suck don't I?" asked Ranma.

"No, a lot of were people have trouble going into their full beast form on their first time. I'm surprised you were even able to change your arm their for a while." said Leo.

"Yeah, an arm I couldn't lift!" said Ranma.

"Well what did you expect? Your full beast form is supposed to be as big as a house! Listen, you should be able to get into the town that the Hinata by next week. Now if you excuse me, I have a card game to attend to." said Leo.


Pocket Dimension...

All the constellations were playing a card game when Leo entered.

"Hey guys, the king of the card games has arrived." said Leo.

"Well it's about time!" said Aires.

"Deal me in!" said Leo.

Currently shadows of themselves were in the night sky so no human would notice them missing.

Hercules then bopped Leo on the head with the big dipper.

"OW! Who keeps inviting this guy?" asked Leo.

"Yay! I defeated Leo!" said Hercules.

"Honestly, how wrong could those archeologists be about this guy? And for the last time Hercules, a bop on the head does a defeat not make! And there are people who think the Kunos are the stupidest." said Leo.

"Ah shut up and look at your cards." said Tauros.

Leo picked up the cards with claws and looks at them and sweatdrops.

"Hey Tauros, got any threes?" asked Leo.

"Go Pisces (A/N: I think I spelled that right)." said Tauros.

"Hey you guys, that joke wasn't funny 200 years ago and it still isn't funny now." said Pisces.

Everyone sweatdropped.

"So what took you so long to get here?" asked Cancer.

"I was teaching Ranma some stuff about being a werelion. He's having a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to his art, you see he isn't sure which style he should be loyal to." said Leo looking at his cards carefully.

"Kids tody. Hey Tauros, how's that bunch of cattle you're watching over?" asked Draco.

"Last week there was this guy who thought he could hypnotise them by yodeling. Ha ha! They trampeled him so many times! Apparently they really don't like yodeling! It was the funniest thing I've seen in centuries! Hey Draco, got any twos?"askedTauros.

"Sounds like someone's been watching a bit too much Disney. If anyone knows how that feels it's me." said Leo while glaring at Hercules.

"Go Pisces." said Draco.

"Seriously guys, that's not funny!" said Pisces.

Everyone chuckled at this.

"Okay Herc, you turn. Got any aces?" asked Scorpio.

"Hey! Hey! I think I got a Jenga! Ha Ha! Who's stupid now? Wait...I think I made a mistake..." said Hercules.

Everyone just groaned at this.

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