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Mark Kent Lemley

Ranma The Were-Lion



Chapter Two-Leaving Nerima


Ranma was thrown out of his bedroom by Genma but surprisingly enough didn't land in the kio pond, in fact he just missed it. But what was more surprising was the fact he landed on all fours just like a cat would. Still feeling tired Ranma gave a big yawn but it was louder than it was supposed to be. There was also something off about his mouth.

"Wait a second..." said Ranma.

He then felt his teeth and his eyes widened at what he felt. His teeth were sharp and pointy just like those of a predator's. This could only mean one thing.


"Oh my Ranma. What wasn't just a dream?" asked Kasumi.

"Never mind that Kasumi, what's for breakfast?" asked Ranma.

"I thought I would make us some waffles for a change." said Kasumi.

"Oh." said Ranma disapointedly.

With his new insticts he was really craving for some form of meat.

"Kasumi, may I use the phone? There's someone very important I would like to call." said Ranma.

"Of course Ranma, go right ahead." said Kasumi.

"Thank you." said Ranma as he made his way back in.

Ranma sighed. He knew he couldn't escape it forever.

Ranma picked up the phone and dialed the number.

There were a couple of rings but then someone picked it up.

"Hello?" asked the voice.

"Hello mom? It's me Ranma..." said Ranma.

Ranma then pulled the phone at arm's length away from his ear as he heard his mother shout outabout how her manly son was calling her. "MY BOY!"

"Y-Yes mom. It's me, listen I...I know Genma isn't my real father." said Ranma.

There was nothing but silence on the other end. "I know everything mom, even about the fact that I'm only half human. I would like for you to come over if that's alright, Ithink we need to talk." said Ranma.

There was a plop sound on the other end ofthe line. "MOM! ARE YOU ALRIGHT? MOM! SPEAK TO ME!"

"S-Sorry Ranma. You-You just caught me be surprise that's all...You aren't mad that I didn't tell you are you?" asked Nodoka.

"No, I'm not mad. I would just like for you to come over so we could talk." said Ranma.

"Okay then, I'll be right over." said Nodoka relieved that Ranma wasn't mad at her. And yet at the same time she was sad about the fact that her deceased husband was brought up in the conversation. There was not a day that went by that her heart didn't ache for him.

When Ranma hung up the phone he noticed Akane glaring at him.

"Oh what did I do now?" asked Ranma.

"Who was that on the phone? Was it Shampoo? Or it was Ukyo wasn't it?" asked Akane, battle aura flaring.

"It was my mom!" said Ranma.

"You liar! Everyone here knows that you would never have to guts to call her willingly because you're too afraid to call her willingly!" shouted Akane.

She then took out her mallet and was ready to pound him with it when she noticed the glare he was giving her.

This glare was different then the ones in the past. This glare told her that it wasn't wise to try anything reckless with him at the moment.

"Listen Akane! You want to mallet me, fine! But all I ask is that you put it off for two hours at least!" said Ranma.

Akane was so stuned by the tone in his voice she didn't say anything. It looked as if she was in shock or something.

Ranma then began to consider his relationship with Akane as he made his way up the stairs. After the failed wedding attempt, Akane's anger and hair trigger yo pull out her mallet whenever she is upset with him. Ranma's love was dieing fast for her. She had no trust in him (A/N: And you can't have a relationship without trust) and would never listen to what he had to say.

When Ranma got to his room he took the time to consider his life in Nerima. At first he felt like this was his territory, anything he felt that might challenge him for his territory was dealt with, but he was starting to feel like a caged animal. He also felt as if there was something out there calling out to him, he didn't know what it was mind you but he still wanted to go to it all the more.

"Ranma, your mother's here to see you." said Kasumi.

"Send her up." said Ranma.

A certain fat panda ran up the stairs and was about to grab Ranma and threw him into the kio pond when Ranma grabbed him and threw out the window. Genma let out a very panda like scream as he started to fall. He fortunately landed on his head, knocking himself out for at least a good while.

"Stupid old man. You're not going to stop me from talking to my mom as a man this time." said Ranma.

There was a knock at the door and then entered Nodoka, then instant she saw him she glomped him in a motherly embrace.

"MY SON!" said Nodoka.

She was hugging him so tightly that she was cutting off his oxygen.

"Mom...need air...bright light...long tunnel." said Ranma barely.

Nodoka then let go of Ranma, Ranma took in the air he had wanted to breathe so badly.

"Now Ranma...what is it you want to talk about?" asked Nodoka.

"Actually mom...I was hoping you could tell me about my real father. But if it's too painful for you to go into I completely understand." said Ranma.

"No Ranma...I think it's finally time you learned a thing or two about your true father." said Nodoka.

She then told the story of Ranma's father just as I have told it to you, although she did manage to put in one major key factor I neglected to mention.

"He was a master and founderof WHAT?" asked Ranma.

"He was a master and the founderof Lion Style Martial Arts. If he had known I was pregnant with you after our honey moon I'm sure he would've wanted you to follow in his footsteps." said Nodoka.

"And my father was killed by a Vampire God?" asked Ranma.

Nodoka nodded her head while crying. "He gave his life for mine. And there isn't a day that goes by that I don't regret that day."

Ranma pulled his mom into a hug and she cried into his chest. "There, there mom. I'll do as my real Pops would've wanted and follow in his footsteps. And what's more is that I will avenge his death. I swear it."


Meanwhile in America...

Britanny Diggers was on the balcony of the mansion.

"I still can't believe Strypes was cheating on me. I guess one gender of the species wasn't meant to figure out the other." said Britanny.

"I know how that feels." said Brianna.

"Brianna. What're you doing here?" asked Britanny.

"Just contemplating a few things. Genn got away from me." said Brianna.

"What do you mean?" asked Britanny.

"Well aparently he overheard my next idea of what I was going to do to him and ran out of the house. And this was my best idea yet, oh well. I don't think he's coming back." said Brianna

"Bummer." said Britanny.

"But do you ever have the feeling that there's something else out there?" asked Brianna.

"As if there's something calling you? Yeah, I've been feeling like that a lot as of late." said Britanny.

They both gazed out at the sunset where they could swear they could Genn screaming his head off.



Back at the Tendo Dojo...

"So you want to go to America?" asked Nodoka.

"Yes mom, I understand that there is a bunch of werecheetahs living there and I think I would really fit in there." said Ranma.

"And just how exactly do you plan on getting there?" asked Nodoka.

"Well I was thinking I could swim over..."


"Why not?" asked Ranma.

"It's too long of a swim, you'd never make it!" said Nodoka apparently not knowing Genma and him swam to China.

"I can handle it." said Ranma.

"Plus there are sharks!" said Nodoka.

"Eh. I've dealt with sharks before." said Ranma.

Nodoka gasped.

"Ma, maybe it's time I told you a bit about my life." said Ranma.

1 hour later...

"Unbelieveable! You are not staying here a second longer!" said Nodoka.

"Mom I..."

"You are coming with me young man! I won't have my baby boy being treated like this a second longer." said Nodoka as she started to drag him out of the room.

Down the stairs they ran into Akane. Before she could anything Nodoka pointed a finger at her angrily and said "You! You can forget any chances you used to have of marrying my boy because not only is he not Genma's son but I'm going to court so there can be a restraining order on you!"

Akane just stood there with her jaw dropped.

As Nodoka and Ranma started to head for the door they were stopped by Nabiki.

"He's not going anywhere Auntie. There's still the matter of Ranma's debt." said Nabiki.

"I'll handle this one mom." said Ranma.

He then pulled Nabiki over to talk to her.

"You know, I here zoos pay big bucks for endangered animals such as bald eagles, white tigers, but especially pandas." said Ranma.

"Really?" asked Nabiki with her interest peeked.

"Oh yeah, especially if they don't already have one." said Ranma.

Nabiki then got that smile that usually means she's going to make some money.

"You sell Genma to the zoo and I can practically gaurantee it will be enough to repay my debt." said Ranma.

She turned to him and said "What debt?"

Ranma was so happy he was out of Nabiki's clutches that he didn't notice someone new popped out to say hello.

"Is that a tail?" asked Nabiki.

Ranma looked behind himself to see that he had sprouted a tail. What's more was that it was swishing back and forth happily.

Ranma then ran out of the Tendo household before Nabiki could do or sayanything.

"Let's go home mom." said Ranma.

"Yes Ranma I do believe you will like it at my house." said Nodoka.

"Hey uh mom? I don't suppose you know how to get my tail back in where it belongs do you?" asked Ranma.

To tell the truth the tail was starting to embarrass him a little.

"It'll go back on it's own." said Nodoka.

"RANMA SAOTOME PREPARE TO DIE!" shouted a voice.

Ranma looked in the direction of the voice to see Ryouga charging straight at him. He charged straight into Ranma's foot.

"Ryouga, I'm sick and tired of this. I challenge you to a match, this match will be the one that never was, I'm talking about a match to make up for the one I supposedly missed all those years ago." said Ranma.

"Fine! I accept!" said Ryouga.

"Mom, I'm going to have to put off going home with you for a little." said Ranma.

"Very well then, when you're done playing with your friend come to this address." said Nodoka as she handed him a piece of paper.

"Thanks mom. Okay Ryouga, let's get this over with." said Ranma.


Half an hour later...

Ranma was surprised with how fast he won. That had to be a new personal record for himself. He had even managed to over power Ryouga, something he thought he wouldn't be able to do. When they grappled Ranma was actually able to push Ryouga back far enough that he hit the wall.

On Ranma's way to his mother's house he heard a voice.

"Well done. You have done your people proud."

"What? Who? Wait a minute, Leo is that you?" asked Ranma.

"Yep, and I would appreciate it if you talked to me in your mind instead of out loud so you can avoid looking crazy." said Leo.

"Okay, so did you finish talking to my female half?" asked Ranma.

"Yep, you my friend are cured. She now has a body of her own and she's on her way from Jusenkyo so she can become your new sister."

"Wow. Never had a sister before..." said Ranma.

"Actually that's little sister in your case." said Leo.

"Do you think I could be a good big brother?" asked Ranma.

"Oh undoubtingly so. But from what I've heard the best part about being a big brother is being a protective big brother."

"Well that does sound like fun." said Ranma.

"Now Ranma, before you head to your mother's house I feel that it is necessary that I teach you how to transform into your hybrid form." said Leo.

"Okay then, what do I have to do?" asked Ranma.

"Look inside yourself. Feel the power within, do you feel it?" asked Leo.

"I feel it." said Ranma.

"Then bring it out. Unleash the animal you have inside of you." said Leo.

Ranma did just that and before you know it, Ranma had transformed. It happened so quickly he jumped a little.

Ranma's hair had grown out so much it now covered his entire head, neck, and a little bit below that. His pigtail was now longer, it almost reached his butt.

Ranma's muscles had grown too, he now had the body a body builder would kill for. He had fur all over his body, including his face. He now had a cat like nose and lion ears. His eyes had become blue cat eyes. His tail had also made a come back. He had claws that were as long as knives

But one thing that Ranma did not like was he ripped his shirt off, apparently his new muscles were too much of a strain for his silk clothes.

Ranma looked down at his feet and a look of annoyance past him. His feet had grown out so much his shoes busted open.

But that annoyance soon past. "This power...I feel incredible! Like as if I can do anything!"

"Yes, I thought you might like it. Now to change back all you have to do is focus on your human half." said Leo.

Ranma focused on his human self and managed to change back. "That was a lot easier than I thought it would be." said Ranma.

"Well you'd better hurry home. You're mother will be worried about you." said Leo.

Ranma then made his way to the address on the paper his mother gave him. And when he arrived...

"WOAH!" said Ranma.

He found that his mom's house was even bigger than the Tendo Dojo.

"Unbelieveable!" said Ranma.

He knocked on the door and soon his mother answered it with another motherly embrace.

"Ranma your shirt and your shoes...what happened?" asked Nodoka.

"Well...did you know dad had a hybrid form?" asked Ranma.



Ranma and Nodoka spent a good time talking about his father. He was surprised about how much his father sounded like him. Confident, taking on any challenge, the desire to prove he was the best. It almost sounded as if he was a mirror image or something, as the saying goes 'Like father like son'. They then started to talk about how Ranma was going to get to America.

"I'm telling you mom I could just simply swim over." said Ranma.

"Ranma! There is a big difference between swimming to and from China and Japan then there is to swimming to America!" said Nodoka.

"Well mom, then how do you suggest I get there?" asked Ranma.

Nodoka then put some plane tickets down on the table.

"These are first class tickets to America. If you do me one small favor and their all yours if you can do me one small favor." said Nodoka.

Ranma looked at the tickets then at Nodoka.

"You aren't going to let me go any other way are you?" asked Ranma.

"Nope." said Nodoka.

"Sigh. Alright then, what's the favor?" said Ranma giving in.

"Your cousin Keitaro is in need of some male friends... well some male friends he can trust anyways. I think it would be a nice jesture if you stay with him and his friends for a while." said Nodoka.

"Alright. You win. Tell me where it is that he's staying and I'll make it a training trip there." said Ranma.

So with that Nodoka told Ranma a bit about where Keitaro was staying and some of his life.

"Well alright then, I guess I'll be going then." said Ranma.

"I already called Keitaro and told him that you were on your way." said Nodoka.

Nodoka gave her son one last hug then handed him a book.

"What's this?" asked Ranma.

"It's your father's book. He put everything he knew about lion style martial arts in it. It should teach you well." said Nodoka.

"Thanks mom." said Ranma.

He then gave her a hug and left.

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