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Mark Kent Lemley

Ranma And The Blue Mamodo Book



Chapter Five-The Third Spell


Nabiki was banging her head against the wall in her room.







She rested her head on the wall for a second. She couldn’t believe her bad luck, first it turned out SHE owed RANMA money not the other way around. Then her information network told her that because Nodoka divorced Genma she and Ranma were now rich.

In short she was kicking herself over this.




Lupine was hot on the trail of the mamodo with his nose to the grindstone, unfortunately he had unknowingly separated from Ranma a little while ago.

Lupine turns a corner only to find a little black piglet with a striped bandana around its neck. Lupine started to lick his chops, he was still pretty hungry.

“Well would you look at what I found.” Said Lupine.




Lupine proceeded to chase small black piglet, aka Ryouga, aka P-Chan, around with intent of eating him.

Now normally Ryouga would fight back because in his pig form he was a small target but every time he tried Lupine would pin him down with his paw. This wolf was fast!

Lupine was now licking his chops.

“LUPINE!” shouted a voice.

Lupine turned around and saw Ranma.

“Lupine you can’t eat that pig!” said Ranma.

“Why not?” asked Lupine.

“Because that’s Ryouga!” said Ranma.

“Wait…Ryouga…isn’t that one of the jerks you know?” asked Lupine.

“Yes!” said Ranma.



“Lupine stop! He may be a pork chop jerk but I never said I wanted revenge!” said Ranma.

Lupine looked from P-Chan to Ranma to back to P-Chan before letting the piglet go.

“You’re lucky Ranma is so forgiving. If I were in his shoes you would have been eaten by now!” said Lupine.

Before P-Chan could do anything there was a distinct clicking sound.

All three of them froze.

“There’s only one person I know who takes pictures of someone while trying not to be noticed, Copy Cat Ken is that you?” demanded Ranma.

Two figures jumped out of the shadows. One was Copy Cat Ken but the other was a mamodo with a giant camera for a body.

“Heh. Heh. Bingo! But now I have a new partner, I see you’ve gotten one too Saotome.” Said Ken. (A/N: I’m just going to call him Ken from now on if that’s okay.)

“Yeah, Lupine’s a mamodo. What about that giant piece of photography behind you?” asked Ranma.

“Bingo! Visol is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and together we’re going to take you down!” said Ken.

Ken took out a black book, as it started to glow a grin crossed Visol’s face.

“We’ll just see about that you stupid copy cat!” said Ranma.

Before Ranma decided to get his book out he bent over and picked up P-Chan who started to squeal in protest.

“Listen Pork Butt, I don’t have time for you at the moment. Come fight me later when I’m not busy! That is if you don’t get lost on the way.” Said Ranma.

Ranma punted P-Chan far away and opened his book.

“Let’s do this you faker! RAMAIR!” said Ranma.

Lupine’s teeth got bigger and sharper and his claws extended to the length of twelve inches.

“That looks like a good one…CASURAMA!” shouted Ken.

A blinding flash came from Visol’s body but when it was gone he had claws that were almost an exact duplicate of Lupine’s claws.

“No way! Don’t tell me that his spell…” started Ranma.

“Bingo! It allows him to copy his enemy’s spell, but that’s not all.” Smiled Ken.

Visol shot forward at amazing speed and managed to cut Lupine’s arm.

“Any speed or strength your mamodo has is added to his own!” said Ken.

Lupine shot forward towards Visol despite his injured leg.

“Lupine! Wait!” shouted Ranma.

Lupine was about to take a bite out of Visol when he kicked him away in the stomach.

Ranma ran over to Lupine.

“You okay there buddy?” asked Ranma.

Lupine struggled to get up but he still managed.

“I think so.” Said Lupine.

“Good! Because we’re going to have to be a bit more strategic in this battle!” said Ranma.

Ranma’s book started to glow and Lupine nodded towards him.

“TREFOLIO!” shouted Ranma.

A wall of trees shot up from the ground and Lupine jumped up into the branches to launch a surprise attack. There was just one problem…

“Huh? Where’d his mamodo go?” asked Lupine.

“Looking for me?” asked a voice.

Lupine turned around saw that Visol was right behind him grinning.

Lupine soon fell out of the tree beaten very badly.

“Ranma…I’m…sorry.” Said Lupine.

“Don’t apologize just yet, because this thing isn’t over by a long shot!” said Ranma.

Visol leapt down from tree branches.

“Moko Takabisha!” shouted Ranma.

Visol was expecting a spell but what he got instead was a ki attack that sent him flying through one of the trees.

“That’s not going to stop him for long! Lupine you need to get ready!” said Ranma.

“But Ranma…he’s so fast! Nothing we’ve tried has worked on him yet!” said Lupine.

“Lupine you got to believe...believe that we’re going to pull through this fight with a victory!” said Ranma.

“Ranma…” was all Lupine could manage to say.

“Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you can win a fight no matter how hopeless it looks!” said Ranma.

A smile crossed the wolf’s face.

“Okay then Ranma! Let’s do this!” said Lupine.

Ranma’s book started to glow.

“A new spell!” said Ranma.

However the remainder of the wall of trees was cut down thanks to Visol’s claws.

“Let’s see how you like this…ROOTSULU!” shouted Ranma.

Tree roots shot out of the ground and wrapped themselves around Visol making him incapable of moving. Visol tried to use the claws he received to break out but they just bounced off.

“Now Lupine!” shouted Ranma.

Lupine shot forward and sliced Ken’s book in two causing it to catch fire.


“Help me Ken!” pleaded Visol.

Visol was starting to disappear.

Ken went over to his book and started to pat it with his hands to try to put the fire out.

“It won’t go out! I can’t stop the fire!” said Ken.

Ken turned to Ranma and Lupine with an angry glare!

“Visol may be going back but this fight isn’t over with yet!” said Ken.

Ken took out his giant handkerchief and turned himself into Ranma.

“That’s not going to work this time! I’ve gotten a lot stronger since the last time I fought you!” said Ranma.

“We’ll just see about that!” said Ken.

Ranma and Ken both leapt into the air and traded blows, they landed on the ground and took the exact same stance.

“Kachu-Tenshin-Amaguriken!” shouted Ken.

“Kachu-Tenshin-Amaguriken!” shouted Ranma.

As fast as Ken’s fists were Ranma’s were faster.

With one final blow Ranma sent Ken flying to the ground.

As Ken laid there stunned on the ground Ranma decided it was time to leave.

“Come on Lupine, let’s go home.”

Lupine nodded and started to follow Ranma.

“We can’t keep having these close victories. We need to get stronger.” Said Lupine.

“Stronger…hey Lupine why don’t I teach you some Anything Goes?” asked Ranma.

“Don’t you need to be a master or grand master for that?” asked Lupine.

“Don’t worry about that. I kicked the freak’s old can last week and won his title from him. Although I do admit it wasn’t easy.” Said Ranma.

“Okay but how about this little problem…I’m a quadruped, I don’t stand on two legs so I can’t go through any stances and I don’t have any thumbs so I can’t make a fist.” Said Lupine.

“Eh. We’ll work around the details somehow.” Said Ranma.



“We’re home…” called Ranma.

Nodoka went to greet her son but gasped when she saw Lupine.

“Lupine! What happened to you?” asked Nodoka.

“Um we found the mamodo and fought it…we won.” Said Lupine.

“If this is what happens to the winner I’d hate to see what happens to the loser.” Said Nodoka.

Ranma and Lupine sweat dropped.

“Um don’t worry about it, tomorrow I’ll be as good as new.” Said Lupine.

Nodoka smiled in relief.

“Good then. I suggest you both get some rest then. Tomorrow Ranma is your first day at your new school.” Said Nodoka.

“New school? What was wrong with my old o….on second thought don’t answer that. It pretty much speaks for itself.” Said Ranma.

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