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Mark Kent Lemley

Ranma And The Blue Mamodo Book



Chapter Four-Some Soap For Ranma


Ranma and Lupine were following Nodoka back to her house when they started to pass the Cat Café’.

“Mom, Lupine, I’ll catch up to you in a minute. I have some unfinished business I need to take care of.” Said Ranma.

“Okay then Ranma…” said Nodoka.

She took out a piece of paper and handed it to him.

“This is where we live, when you’re done I want you to come straight home.” Said Nodoka.

Ranma nodded and headed for the restaurant. Ranma took a deep breath before entering, he knew what was going to happen the instant he stepped foot inside.

“Hey Old Ghoul! Ya in here?” asked Ranma.

“Aiyah! Ranma!” called out a voice.

Shampoo glomped onto Ranma’s arm.

“Airen come to take Shampoo on date?” asked Shampoo.

“No! I came in here because I want to talk to the Old Ghoul okay?”

Ranma received a smack on the back of the head. When he turned around to see who hit him he saw it was Cologne herself.

“Must you always call me that son in law? One begins to tire of such a nickname after a period of time!” said Cologne.

“Listen, could we talk in private?” asked Ranma.

“Very well. Shampoo go wash the dishes while I have a chat with young son in law here.” Said Cologne.

“Shampoo go.” Said Shampoo.

Once Shampoo left Ranma took in a deep breath before beginning to talk.

“I would like for you to call off the engagement.” Said Ranma.

“Not in your life! You have beaten Shampoo fair and square and our Amazon laws clearly states that when someone of the opposite sex defeats an Amazon that Amazon must marry him/her. Plus after you killed Saffron there’s no way how we’re going to give up on you now.” Said Cologne.

“I know, but that’s why I offer you take these instead of me.” Said Ranma.

Ranma pulled out the Gekkaja out of a sub space pocket.

“I will willingly give this to you if you nullify the engagement between me and Shampoo.” Said Ranma.

Cologne brought a hand to her chin in deep consideration.

“Think about it, they’d really help in your battles against the Musks.” Said Ranma.

“Well you do have a point there…except for the fact that you’re the only one who can use them! They are bonded to you son in law not me…however, better it be in our hands than the Musks…” said Cologne.

“Listen…You Amazons will probably come up with something. You’ve never let something like that stop you before…especially with me.” Said Ranma.

Cologne picked up the staff giving it a once over. Almost as if to make sure they were the real deal.

“I will have to consult the other elders but for now I’ll… ‘consider’ your offer.” Said Cologne.

“Then that’ll have to do for now.” Said Ranma.

Ranma seriously doubted he was off the Amazon hook.



Ranma was standing in front of a huge house.


This house belonged to his mother?

Ranma rang the doorbell where Nodoka answered.

“Good. Did you finish your business at the Café?” asked Nodoka.

“Sort of…I tried Lupine’s idea and she said that she’d think about it. I seriously doubt if I’m off the hook but at least it should let them leave me alone for a little while. One thing is for sure, I got the point across that I don’t want to marry Shampoo no matter what.” Said Ranma.

“Lupine told me everything about mamodos and I am so proud that my boy has such a manly mamodo!” gushed Nodoka.

Ranma sweat dropped for a second or two.

“Hey mom, can I ask you a question? Since when did we get such a big house? I can’t remember much but I do remember where we used to live was pretty cramped. So what happened?” asked Ranma.

“Sigh. Come inside Ranma and I’ll tell you all you need to know.” Said Nodoka.

Ranma came in and took off his shoes. The house looked even bigger on the inside than it did on the outside.

Ranma followed his mother into the living room where he found Lupine eating a big ham that Nodoka had given him just for him.

“Hey kid, your mom here bakes a mean ham.” Said Lupine with his mouth full.

Ranma smiled at this, his mamodo was definitely having a good time.

“Now then…when I was dating your father my entire family was against the whole thing so you can imagine how they felt when he proposed. They all advised me to say no but I ignored them and said yes. They were so upset that they cut me off from the family fortune so your father and myself were forced to live with what we could scrounge up. I didn’t talk to anyone from my family…for such a very long time.” Said Nodoka.

She seemed a bit sad at the memory and Ranma couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for her.

“But when they found out I was divorcing him they took me back with open arms. I was no longer cut off from the family fortune and I inherited this house.” Said Nodoka gleefully.

Ranma smiled but a thought crossed his mind.

“Mom, I know they hate Genma and who could blame them, but how do they feel about me?” asked Ranma.

“They like you enough to send you that package in the backyard.” Said Nodoka.

Ranma raised an eyebrow for a second.

“Package? What package?” asked Ranma.

Nodoka lead Ranma and Lupine to the backyard where there was a large crate in the backyard.

“What is it?” asked Lupine.

“It’s a crate.” Said Ranma.

“Well I know THAT, but what is it doing here?” asked Lupine.

“It’s Ranma’s package.” Said Nodoka as she handed her son a crowbar.

Ranma went over to the crate and started opening the top off with the crowbar and boy was he surprised at what he saw.

.”Well…what’s inside?” asked Lupine.

“Soap.” Said Ranma.

“Soap?” asked Lupine.

“Yep lots of it. But it’s not just any soap, it’s water proof soap.” Said Ranma.

Lupine sweat dropped.

“Waterproof soap?” asked Lupine.

“Yeah. It sort of acts like a temporary cure for my Jusenkyo curse, and there’s enough in here to last me a good long time.” Said Ranma with a smile.

Lupine started to sniff the air for a second or two but then began to growl.

“Ranma! I smell a mamodo!” said Lupine.

Ranma picked up his book and went over to his mom.

“Mom. Me and Lupine need to take care of something, we’ll be back as soon as we can!” said Ranma.

Ranma hugged his mom goodbye and turned to Lupine.

“Okay buddy, lead the way.” Said Ranma.

Lupine sniffed the air once again for a second or two before running off with Ranma right on his tail.

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