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Mark Kent Lemley

Ranma And The Blue Mamodo Book



Chapter Three-The Second Spell

Ranma woke the next morning to find Lupine gone.

“Maybe it was all just a dream.” Said Ranma.

For some reason Ranma seemed depressed about that. He had actually thought he had found a pretty good friend in Lupine, something that he was desperately short in supply on.

Ranma sighed and started to head down the stairs. He stretched and yawned before heading into the living room.

“Hey Kasumi, what’s for breakfast?” asked Ranma.

“Hey kid nice to see you finally got up.” Said a voice.

Ranma’s eyes became the size of saucers as he saw Lupine drinking tea out of a bowl.

“Guess it wasn’t a dream after all.” Said Ranma.

“More tea Mr. Wolf?” asked Kasumi.

“Yes please. Thank you Kasumi.” Said Lupine.

Kasumi took the bowl Lupine had licked clean and refilled it with tea.

“Me and this nice girl’s sister had an information exchange last night. What was her name again Nami or something?” Lupine asked Kasumi.

“Oh you must mean Nabiki.” Said Kasumi.

“Thank you Kasumi, that’s the name I was looking for. We had an information exchange last night. I told her about the mamodo world while she told me about your life. I must admit I am surprised at everyone’s ungratefulness.” Said Lupine.

“Tell me about it. But there isn’t much I can do about it.” Said Ranma.

“Well I have an idea about how to deal with the Amazons that I think might help.” Said Lupine.

“Really?” asked Ranma.

Lupine smiled and walked over to Ranma and whispered something in his ear. Ranma’s eyes bolted open at Lupine’s idea.

“That might just work!” said Ranma.

“Morning everyone.” Said Nabiki as she entered the room.

“Hello Ms. Tendo.” Said Lupine.

“So Ranma, Lupine over here tells me you’re his human partner.” Said Nabiki.

“Yeah I guess it’s true. Learned loads last night but it sounds like we can pull it off. Right Lupine?” asked Ranma.

“Got that right kid. We make a pretty good team for a bunch of beginners.” Said Lupine.

“So where’s this so called spell book I’ve heard so much about?” asked Nabiki.

“It’s safe up in my r…wait, Pops is up there! Nothing is ever safe with him in the room!” shouted Ranma.

Realizing the danger of the situation Ranma ran down the hall, up the stairs, and into the room where he found the stupid panda trying to read it. Genma noticed Ranma had entered the room and held up a sign.

‘What the hell is wrong with this book?’ was written on it.

Genma flipped the sign where it read ‘I can’t read a single word of it.’

Ranma kicked his furry father in the chin and grabbed the book away from him.

“That’s because it’s MY book! Not yours!” said Ranma.

Ranma ran out of the room before his father could react only to find someone he never saw coming.

“Mom!” said Ranma.

Ranma gulped as he saw that she had decided to bring the Saotome Family Honor Blade.

Genma came crashing through the door and started to sweat at the sight of his wife.

“Hello Ranma-kun.” Said Nodoka with a smile.

But the pleasantries soon passed as she spotted the panda.

“Hello husband.” Said Nodoka, making sure to add the utter most distaste on the word husband.

Now Genma was really scared.

“About a week ago I told Nabiki that she could name her price if she told me everything about Ranma.” Said Nodoka.

There was now a small yellow puddle in front of Genma.

Ranma simply raised an eyebrow. He couldn’t remember much of his life with his mom when he was younger but he did remember that they used to live in a pretty cramped house. How’d she get the money to pay off whatever it was that Nabiki asked for?

“Ranma, you may go to school while I have a talk with your father.” Said Nodoka.

“Sorry Pops but better you than me.” Said Ranma.

Ranma ran down the stairs and distinctly heard something about the Neko-ken and a lot of shouting.

Ranma looked at the time and cringed. If he didn’t hurry out the door he was going to be late for school. Akane had no doubt already left which was fine by him.

“Got to go Kasumi, I’ll see you later!” shouted Ranma.

Ranma ran out the door and down the street on the fence he was used to walking on. However, he soon saw that Lupine was running on the ground next to him. What’s more was he was carrying the brief case Ranma had forgotten back at the dojo in his mouth. Ranma leapt off the fence and landed in front of Lupine.

“What do you think you’re doing?” asked Ranma.

Lupine muffled something but Ranma couldn’t make it out.

“First spit the brief case out then tell me what you’re doing.” Said Ranma.

Lupine gently put the brief case down and said “You forgot your brief case back at the house. Plus we need to stick together in case a mamodo attacks. I get stronger after every victory.”

“Okay I get that, but I can’t come into school with a wolf!” said Ranma.

“Why not?” asked Lupine.

Ranma face faulted.

“Because wolves aren’t allowed in schools!” shouted Ranma.

“Fine then! I’ll just hide in the trees!” said Lupine.

Lupine gave a mighty leap and landed in the brush of a nearby tree.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, how is it you can jump so well? I take it that’s how you got your book hidden in that tree.” Said Ranma.

“I’ve always been a good jumper. Plus I also kind of learned from experience.” Said Lupine.

“I guess I can understand that.” Said Ranma.

Without another word Ranma continued to run to school with Lupine following in the trees.

As Ranma began to make his way into the school yard he found the usual true blunder waiting for him.

“Ranma Saotome! Prepare to die!” shouted Kuno.

Ranma leapt into the air and jumped off of Kuno’s face and into the building.

“The kid’s good, I’ll give him that.” Said Lupine from the trees.

But before Lupine hopped to a closer tree he noticed that there was something funny in the air.

“Wait a second…what’s that scent in the air?” asked Lupine.

Lupine sniffed the air for a second or two and then began to growl.

“I smell a mamodo!” said Lupine.

Lupine started to look down at the students for any sign of a mamodo. Everything looked pretty normal until he spotted a student who was apparently very late. He didn’t look too healthy, like as he hardly ever got any sleep. He was also the palest human Lupine had ever seen in his life. He looked like something out of a really bad horror movie or something.

“That kid is human?” asked Lupine.

But his tone soon changed as he saw what the student was carrying.

“It’s a mamodo book!” shouted Lupine.

Lupine growled for a second or two at the boy with the jade colored book.

“I got to warn Ranma!” said Lupine.

He bounded through the branches but stopped short. He couldn’t just go in and disrupt the class! From what Nabiki had told him this kid’s life was messed up enough as it is. He would have to wait until he could get Ranma alone with him.

Meanwhile, said student or Gosunkugi as he was often called was running towards Furinkan High.

“Of all the days to sleep in! And this was supposed to be the day me and Glascise initiate our plan!” said Gosunkugi.

Gosunkugi ran into the building and made his way down to the basement.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show.” Said a voice.

“No way, not after all the planning we’ve gone through. This is the day, the day when we take over the school and Akane will become my girlfriend!” shouted Gosunkugi as he began to laugh his evil laugh…which still wasn’t all that impressive despite his change.


Ranma barely managed to make it inside his homeroom before the bell went off. Soon the announcements would start. Ranma wondered what kind of stupid crazy thing their principal was going to have them do today.

“Aloha everybody!” came a voice over the speaker.

“Today…hey mon, what do you think you’re doin by bargin into me office like dat? Wait, what’ chu doin wit dat book?”


Then there was only static.

“Something’s wrong!” said Ranma.

“No kidding.” Said a voice.

The voice sounded like it came from the tree just outside the window.

“Wait a second, Lupine is that you?” asked Ranma.

Lupine walked out from the shadows on the tree branch towards Ranma.

“I’ve been waiting for your classmates and teachers to get distracted. You were right in assuming that there’s something wrong I smell a mamodo somewhere in this building.” Said Lupine.

A cackling came over the speaker.

“This is your new master Gosunkugi speaking! From this day forward this school is mine, and there’s no one who can stop me!” shouted Gosunkugi.

“Three guesses who the mamodo belongs to.” Said Lupine.

“Guess Gosunkugi finally snapped.” Said Ranma

“I don’t think so; he might have a mamodo that could change him. There are some mamodos out there that can turn even the most innocent of souls into the most ruthless of people. I don’t think this is his fault.” Said Lupine.

“Class! I must go and deal with this delinquent! Read pages 264 to 274 until I get back!” said Miss Hinako.

She ran out of the room before any of the male students could follow to see her transform.

Ranma turned to Lupine with an arrogant smile.

“How much you want to bet we could find Gosunkugi and his mamodo before her?” asked Ranma.

Lupine returned the smile.

“With my natural talent of sniffing out mamodos it’ll be a snap.” Said Lupine.

“Good because the principle keeps changing where his office is like everyday.” Said Ranma.


Principal Kuno, father of the blue thunder of Furinkan High and the Black Rose of St Hebreke’s, and all around nut was beaten by the creepy loser kid and his small friend. He was covered with some small deep cuts.

“Why keiki? Why you wanna go and do this to your headmaster mon?”

“You be quiet! You’ve had this coming for a long time!” said Gosunkugi.

“Yeah, from what Gosunkugi told me you deserved it!” said a voice.

From behind the chair Gosunkugi was now sitting on came a child. He had white hair and black sunglasses but was dressed in something similar to Gosenkugi.

Then all of a sudden the door exploded and when the dust settled there was Ranma and Lupine. Ranma took a look at his principal and started to get angry, he was going to need a hospital.

“You’re right; he deserves a lot of things but not this! I’m not even sure if he’s going to live! And furthermore you don’t have the right to do this! All I can say is that you had better get ready Gosunkugi because you’re not the only one with a mamodo! Let’s go Lupine!” said Ranma.

Gosunkugi did not like the look in Ranma’s eyes.

“Glascise! Get me out of here!” said Gosunkugi.

The small child actually managed to pick Gosunkugi up and jumped out the window.

“Quick Lupine, we can’t let them get away!” said Ranma.

Lupine nodded and both he and Ranma jumped out the window following Gosunkugi.

When they landed on the ground they found Gosunkugi with his book open. It started to glow as an insane grin crossed his face.

“Time for a mamodo battle.” Said Lupine.

“GLATINE!” shouted Gosunkugi.

Glass shards shot straight out of Glascise’s hands heading straight for Ranma and Lupine.

“Move!” shouted Ranma.

Ranma and Lupine had managed to jump out of the way but the battle was far from over.

“You know what to do Glascise! SHARTINE!” shouted Gosunkugi.

This time there was were even smaller pieces of glass sprayed out onto the ground.

“This is bad Ranma…he’s covered the ground in pieces of glass! I can’t get to him!” said Lupine.

“Ha ha ha ha! Better say goodbye to your dog Ranma!” laughed Gosunkugi.

An anger vein appeared on Lupine’s head.

“What did you call me?” demanded Lupine.

“I believe he said you were a mutt of some kind.” Said Glascise.


“Okay…RAMAIR!” shouted Ranma.

Lupine’s teeth got bigger and sharper and his claws extended to the length of twelve inches.

Lupine jumped into the air ready to pounce on the mamodo.

“GLATINE!” shouted Gosunkugi.

Glass shards flew out of Glascise’s hands heading straight for Lupine. He managed to dodge a few but there were some that managed to hit him causing him to fall to the ground onto the tiny glass pieces caused by the Shartine spell.

“Lupine! Are you okay?” asked Ranma.

Lupine was struggling to get up.

“I’m…fine! I’m ready to carry on this fight anytime you are!” said Lupine.

Ranma took a good look at Lupine. He was holding up his paw in pain.

“No, you’re not fine. You’re hurt! Listen, maybe you should go rest while I take care of this fight.” Suggested Ranma.

“WHAT?” shouted Lupine.

“I could probably burn his book with some type of ki attack…” said Ranma.

“No! We’re supposed to do this together! From what I’ve heard you’ve never given up on anything and I’m not about to either!” said Lupine.

“Lupine…” started Ranma.

“I can beat them but only if I have your help Ranma!” said Lupine.

A small smile crossed Ranma’s face.

“Okay then, let’s do this!” said Ranma.

Just as Ranma finished saying this his book started to glow.

“What…What’s going on?” asked Ranma.

“It’s a new spell!” said Lupine.

Ranma opened his book and sure enough there was a new set of lines glowing that he could read.

Ranma gave a smirk and turned towards Gosunkugi “You’re in trouble now.”

“We’ll just see about that! GLATINE!” shouted Gosunkugi.

Glass shards shot out of Glascise’s hands heading straight towards Ranma and Lupine.

“Now Ranma! Cast that spell!” said Lupine.

“TREFOLIO!” shouted Ranma.

A wall of trees shot up from the ground in front of Ranma and Lupine. The shards embedded themselves in the trees leaving Ranma and Lupine safe.

“They’re like a…shield. Hm. Maybe more, Lupine the tree tops!” said Ranma.

Lupine nodded and jumped into the canopy.

“This is great! The trees act as a cover, they can’t tell where Lupine is going to attack next!” said Ranma.

Lupine’s claws and teeth were still pretty big from the Ramair spell and he had a pretty good vantage point to get at Gosunkugi’s book.

“Now!” shouted Ranma.

Lupine jumped down from the trees and slashed Gosunkugi’s book in two. Even though Lupine never touched Gosunkugi he still fell to the ground unconscious. As his book started to catch fire Glascise ran over trying to put out.

“No! I can’t lose now! No! Noooooooooooo!” shouted Glascise.

With that the mamodo disappeared, and as he did so, so did all the glass he shot out including the tiny pieces Lupine had landed on.

Meanwhile Ranma was nudging Gosunkugi with his foot.

“Is he dead?” asked Ranma.

“No, he’s been broken free from the spell his mamodo casted on him. When he wakes up he should be his old self again.” Said Lupine.

Lupine began to walk over to Ranma but flinched. He had managed to hurt his paw pretty badly back there.

“Lupine! Are you okay?” asked Ranma.

“I’m fine, it’s nothing I can’t walk off.” Said Lupine.

Look on Ranma’s face showed that he seriously doubted that his friend was okay. But if he was anything like Ranma he should be able to, as he said, walk it off.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. Principal Kuno was moved to a hospital, Gosunkugi excused himself for the rest of the day claiming he felt sick. With the way he constantly looked the teachers bought it. Akane tried to mallet Ranma a few times but a growling from the trees distracted her long enough for Ranma to get away. Ranma and Lupine left early so as to avoid Akane, however Ranma did notice that Lupine was still walking with paw held up.

“Here, let me take a look at it.” Said Ranma.

Ranma took Lupine’s paw and gave it a once over. Ranma took part of his shirt and ripped it off to make a bandage for his wolf friend. Once it was wrapped firmly around the wounded area Ranma smiled and the two continued their walk. When they entered the Tendo Dojo Ranma heard his mother yelling and Soun crying.

“So that is why I’m divorcing you Genma! The Saotome Tendo pact is here by nullified! I will not have my baby boy be hit with a mallet just because a girl flirts with him! He shouldn’t have to pay for being so manly!” said Nodoka.

Ranma sweat dropped. That was his mother all right. Ranma cleared his throat to get their attention.

“Oh! Ranma, good you’re home.” Said Nodoka.

She was about to say more when she noticed Lupine was standing right next to Ranma.

“Hello Mrs. Saotome, I am Lupine, Ranma’s mamodo partner.” Said Lupine.

Nodoka’s right eye began to twitch seeing as how a blue wolf just introduced itself to her…politely even.

“I’ll explain later mom, but for now think of him as a really good friend.” Said Ranma.

“Ahem. Very well, but from now on Ranma you’ll be living with me. Your father has been a bad parent and it’s about time somebody made up for it. Go grab your things.” Said Nodoka.

Ranma ran up the stairs to get his pack while Nabiki got into her business mode or whatever she called it.

“Not so fast Mrs. Saotome, Ranma still owes me a good deal of money. He’s not going anywhere until that debt is paid.” Said Nabiki.

“Actually Miss Tendo I’ve done some number crunching. Those pictures you’re always taking of my son; Ranma has yet to see a single yen from those profits am I correct?”

“Yeah, well it’s not my fault he isn’t smart enough to ask for any of the profits.” Said Nabiki.

“Still that is no excuse, like I said I did some number crunching and it’s not him that owes you but you that owe him.” Said Nodoka.

“WHAT?” shouted Nabiki.

Nodoka took out a sheet of paper that had all the math on it and Nabiki snatched it out of her hands. Nabiki’s left eye started to twitch, she was right. Why did she have to keep taking so many damn pictures of him for Kuno? However, being the business woman that she was she soon collected herself.

“While it is true that you have put in the damages Ranma has done to the house’s roof every time he punts a rival out of here you have forgotten to put in living expenses.” Said Nabiki.

“Oh my, Nabiki we both know that father said that both Ranma and Genma could stay for as long as they liked. They didn’t have to worry about pay.” Said Kasumi with a smile.

Nabiki’s left eye began to twitch again.

“You’re not helping Kasumi.” Said Nabiki.

Ranma soon came down with his pack to see Nabiki and her twitching eye.

“Come Ranma, we’re leaving. Oh and bring your wolf with you too, I would like to know very much how he can talk.” Said Nodoka.

Ranma nodded and he and Lupine went out the door with his mother, never to return.

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