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Mark Kent Lemley

Ranma And The Blue Mamodo Book


Chapter Two-Talk With Sherry

Ranma had dropped Lupine off at Dr. Tofu’s and was a little worried for his new friend.

“Dr. Tofu, is he going to be okay?” asked Ranma.

“He’s going to be just fine Ranma. In fact he’s already started healing. The only other one I’ve seen that could heal that fast is well you Ranma. Really very weird.” Said Dr. Tofu.

“Kind of sounds like me don’t it, a while back he was even acting like me a little. Well I got to get back to the dojo before night fall, I’ll be back to pick him up in the morning.” Said Ranma.

“Oh but Ranma before you go I would just like you to know that I’m a doctor not a vet. Next time take him to a pet doctor. He’d probably get better treatment” Said Dr. Tofu.

Ranma nodded and jumped out the window.


Two figures were walking the streets of Nerima. One was a tall blonde haired woman and another was a pale skinned mamodo that could’ve been mistaken for a zombie or something.

“We’ve gotten stronger Sherry. I must admit I’m very proud of our progress.” Said the mamodo.

“But we still need to find Zofis and get Koko back, Brago! They could be anywhere, sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever find them again.” Said Sherry sadly.

“Have faith Sherry. It’s only a matter of time before we find them.” Said Brago.

But then for some odd reason Brago stopped walking. He started looking around as if searching for something.

“What is it Brago?” asked Sherry.

“There’s someone in this town…someone I’ve met before…from the mamodo world!” said Brago.

“What?” asked Sherry.

Brago hardly ever talked about his life back in the mamodo world. But before Brago could reply they saw Ranma walking on the roof across from them reading his mamodo book.

“I can’t believe this! The only thing I can read in this stupid book is that Ramair thing!” said Ranma.

“That book…it’s a mamodo book! HEY YOU!” shouted Sherry.

Ranma turned and saw Sherry. Ranma, having known his luck with women, thought that it was another woman his stupid father engaged him to so he decided to run for it back to the Tendo Dojo.

Brago and Sherry watched in amazement as Ranma ran off.

“He’s fast!” said Brago.

“It sounds like he just found his mamodo, maybe if we’re lucky we can talk him into giving us his book.” Said Sherry.

Luckily Ranma had managed to get to the dojo in record time.

“I’m home!” called out Ranma.

Something was wrong…he had expected to be assaulted like he usually was but there was nothing but quiet…it was too quiet.

“Where is everyone?” asked Ranma.

Ranma looked around for a bit which at first seemed to be a futile effort until he found a note. It read ‘Dear Ranma, Akane is over at a friend’s and Nabiki is taking care of some business outside of town. Our fathers decided to go out drinking and I went to get some more groceries. I saved you some dinner on the stove. Kasumi.’

“Heh. Looks like I’ll finally get some peace for at least a little while.” Said Ranma.

For the first half hour things were great, until there was a knock at the door.

“So much for peace and quiet.” Said Ranma.

He went to the front door and opened it only to find that blonde he saw earlier with that creepy kid.

“Listen lady, if this is something my Pops promised you that involves me in anyway you’re going to have to take it up with hi…”

But Ranma froze in his tracks as Sherry held up her black mamodo book.

“Now don’t worry, we haven’t come to fight. We just want to talk.” Said Sherry.

“Okay come in. But you’re going to have to make it quick, I don’t know how much longer this peace and quiet is going to last.” Said Ranma.

Ranma led the two upstairs to the guest room where he and Genma usually slept.

“This is your room? I figured it would be much more…decorated.” Said Sherry.

“Sort of, I kind of share it with my Pops. But I didn’t let you in because I wanted your opinion on the room; I thought maybe you could explain a few things to me.” Said Ranma.

“Very well, seeing as how you have a book I take it it is only natural that you have found…something out of the ordinary have you not?” asked Sherry.

“Well I suppose you could say that but frankly it’s not as weird as to what I’m used to.” Said Ranma.

“Maybe if I explain everything to you you’ll hand over that book.” Said Sherry

“Sherry, I’m getting a major sense of daja’vu.” Said Brago.

“Not now Brago. What you have found is what is called a mamodo, a living thing not of this world. Mamodos live in another world that is invisible to us, I know it sounds strange…or crazy even.” Said Sherry.

“This actually pales in consideration as to what I’m used to. I’ve seen a giant ghost cat looking for a bride, magic of all kinds that you wouldn’t believe even if I told you. And all that is just the tip of the iceberg.” Said Ranma.

Sherry stared at him for a second as if he was crazy but continued on anyways.

“You see the mamodos must find a new king and it is for that purpose that they are here. Once every thousand years a battle takes place here in the human world to determine who will be the mamodo king. 100 mamodos are chosen to be sent to our world, each forms a partnership with a human, these partnerships then do battle with each other. The weapons used are spell books that both you and I have. The books require the power of the human heart to read them, they’re like instruction manuals for doing battle but are also much more than that. For if the book is destroyed the mamodo loses all claim to the title of king and is sent back to the other world.” Said Sherry.

Ranma pictured for a moment of Lupine with a crown on his head and almost exploded with laughter.

“One more book destroyed means one more rival out of the way for them. So the last one standing is mamodo king. Now that you understand I will gladly take your book from you and spare you all this unwanted attention.” Said Sherry.

“Say what?” asked Ranma.

Brago rolled his eyes. This incident was beginning to turn out just like the talk with Kiyo that time ago.

“You never asked to be a part of this…” started Sherry.

“I never asked for a lot of things! But like you said I’m a part of this now whether anyone likes it or not!” said Ranma.

Ranma was now holding his book protectively.

“You stupid baka! Get out while you can! I warn you if you use the book and mamodo for evil purposes it will bring you nothing but evil in return!” said Sherry.

“And who said anything about using it for evil! I’m a martial artist lady and martial artists protect the weak not harm them!” said Ranma.

All this talk was beginning to remind her of how innocent her former friend Koko was before her mamodo partner found her.

Sherry stands in front of Ranma with an angry look in her eyes yet it was filled with tears.

“Listen to me! If you keep this mamodo around I guarantee he’s going to be nothing but trouble! All mamodos are!” shouted Sherry.

“Yeah? Well guess what Blondie, that’s nothing new to me!” shouted Ranma.

“You don’t understand! I’ve witnessed things…terrible things! And I was powerless to stop them…never again! I will never let this happen again! That is why this child must become king!” said Sherry.

“Sherry! The window!” shouted Brago.

Outside the window, in the tree was Lupine.

“Mind if I come in? I would like some say in the matter.” Said Lupine.

Ranma opened the window and let Lupine in. Once inside Lupine gave a smile which Ranma was famous for and said “Hello Brago. It’s been a long time.”

“YOU!” shouted Brago.

“You know him?” asked Sherry.

“Unfortunately.” Said Brago.

“Oh we know each other alright. In fact I saved his life once!” said Lupine.

Brago angrily looked away.

“Is this true Brago?” asked Sherry.

Brago grumbled and let out a ‘Yes.’

“Yeah I saved him. Let’s just say he learned the hard way that he shouldn’t go around playing with volcanoes.” Said Lupine.

“Sigh. As much as I hate to admit it he’s right. I chased a certain prey of mine towards the volcano and couldn’t get out in time. This wolf got me out before it erupted so I suppose I owe him one. After that I was a little more cautious about how far I chase my prey…but this wolf will simply not let me forget my debt to him.” Said Brago.

“Then let us go for now. You want a fight I guarantee we’ll give it to you one day. But for now just let it slide.” Said Lupine.

Brago stood in silence for a minute or two.

“What do you think Sherry?” asked Brago.

Sherry took everything in and went into deep thought.

“Well…if this mamodo saved your life once he can’t be all bad I suppose. I guess we can let them go this one time making the two of you even. But know one thing! The next time we see each other we will fight!” said Sherry.

“And by that time, we’ll be ready.” Said Lupine.

“Let’s go Brago.” Said Sherry.

As the two left Ranma turned to Lupine.

“So you’re a mamodo huh?” said Ranma.

“Yes, I am your mamodo and you are my human partner.” Said Lupine.

“So you’re in this battle to become king?” asked Ranma.

“Well yes and no.” said Lupine.

“What do you mean?” asked Ranma.

“Well there are some mamodos in this battle that are forced into it, sometimes their personalities are even unwillingly changed so they could fight better. I’m sure that if the next king is a kind one then that kind of thing won’t happen next time. I’m in this battle to ensure that the next king is a kind one, and if it must be me, so be it.” Said Lupine.

Ranma stared at Lupine for a bit, he was really serious. Ranma could tell just by the look in his eyes.

“If insuring that the next king is a kind one, even if it isn’t you, means so much to you…then I’ll help you Lupine.” Said Ranma.

Lupine bowed slightly.

“Thank you Ranma. I am in your debt.” Said Lupine.

“At least somebody thanks me.” Said Ranma.

Later that night a certain drunken panda came staggering into the room to see Ranma asleep with a blue wolf sleeping next him peacefully.

Said Panda took out a sign that read ‘I must be drunker than I thought.’

So he simply ignored the blue wolf putting it down as a hallucination of alcohol, like pink elephants, and went to sleep occasionally kicking Ranma every now and then.

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