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Mark Kent Lemley

Ranma And His Blue Mamodo Book


Chapter One-Ranma Meets Lupine

Ranma had decided to go for a walk to escape the craziness of the Tendo Dojo. The only reason why he continued to stay there was to try to salvage the relationship he used to have with Akane. Which was quickly turning out to be a losing battle, the girl was pushing his buttons more now than she had ever done in the past. Ukyo had nullified the engagement with Ranma because she realized now that he would always see her as a sister, and she couldn’t change that no matter how hard she tried. So she had just settled with being his friend…best friend to be exact.

Now if only she had chosen to stay. She had to leave to confront her father about numerous upbringings that she highly disapproved of. Ranma missed having her with him to pal around with.

“There he goes! Now Golime, SHRITUSE!” shouted a voice.

Ranma heard an explosion followed by something that sounded like a dog yelping. Soon he heard the same voice shout out “SHRITUSE!” which was followed by another explosion, only this one sounded a lot closer.

“Get back here you mangy wolf!” shouted the voice.

Soon a blue wolf (A/N: Think Tiger of the wind from Monster Rancher only without the horns) with a book in it’s mouth ran around the corner and almost collided with Ranma…luckily said wolf managed to dodge Ranma. But as he passed time seemed to slow down for the two, the wolf managed to get a good look at Ranma but didn’t have time to stick around to say hi.

As the wolf ran off two other figures rounded the corner. One was a tall man with blue hair and the other was as small as a child but looked like he was made out of boulders. The man also seemed to be carrying a brown book, it looked almost exactly like the one the wolf was carrying only it was blue.

“Did you see which way he went Golime?” asked the man.

“No! It’s almost as if he disappeared!” said the boulder child called Golime.

"Well he's got to be around here somewhere!" said the man.

The man looked around in different directions for a second or two and spotted Ranma.

“Hey! You there! Did you see a blue wolf run by here?” asked the man.

“First tell me why you’re after it.” Said Ranma.

“That’s none of your damn business!” said the man.

“Tom we don’t have time for this!” said Golime.

“I guess you’re right. We’re after the book that the freak has in its mouth!” said the man who appeared to be Tom.

“Freak? What’s so freaky about it?” asked Ranma.

A blue wolf wasn’t as freaky as some of things he saw on a normal basis to be considered freaky.

“Listen! Did you see which way it went or not?” asked Tom.

There was something about those two that Ranma just didn’t trust.

“It went that way.” Said Ranma.

Ranma had pointed in a different direction and the two simply ran off in said direction.

“Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a simple life.” Said Ranma.


Ranma arrived a little late to the dojo because he had apparently walked a little farther than he thought.

When he finally walked into the living room to see Akane glaring at him…as usual.

“And just where have you been you pervert? You were with Shampoo again weren’t you?” asked Akane angrily.

“No! I was just going for a walk what’s wrong with that?” demanded Ranma.

“Yeah right! Why should I believe what comes out of a pervert’s mouth?” asked Akane.

“I don’t need this! I’m going to bed!” said Ranma.

Without another word he stormed up to his room. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take of how he was being treated. He saved everyone about a dozen times and they treated him like filth!

As Ranma plopped down on his futon (At least I think what that thing is that he and Genma sleep on) he found his thoughts drifting back to earlier that day with the blue wolf. Why on earth was it carrying a book in its mouth? Ranma had heard of people training pets to steal for them but never a wolf.

There was also the fact that it was blue. Weren’t wolves usually black, white, or brown or something? Maybe it was someone with a Jusenkyo curse; that so far was the most logical explanation.

“Boy! What’s this I hear about you mistreating Akane?” shouted a voice.

Soon the very man who raised him entered the room.

“Akane’s been delirious as of late! I go out for a walk and she accuses me of cheating on her!” said Ranma.

“Oh the shame of it all! To think that I raised such an unfaithful child! Why did this have to happen? Why? WHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYY?”

As Genma shouted to the heavens he was soon splashed by a convenient bucket of water changing him into a panda.

“Knock it off you old coot! I’m not in the mood today!” said Ranma.

Genma took out a sign from behind his back which read ‘Boy! You will respect your elders!’

“My respect is earned not given! And frankly old man you’ve lost my respect a long time ago!”

Genma flipped the sign over where something completely different was written on there. ‘Quit complaining! You’re starting to sound like a girl!’

“I don’t need to take this! I’m out of here!” said Ranma.

Before the panda could flip his sign Ranma had jumped out the window. Ranma needed to blow off some steam and roof hopping was the best way to do it for him.

“Why can’t everyone just leave me alone once in a while?” asked Ranma.

As Ranma continued his roof hopping his thoughts drifted back to his buddy Ucchan. Since the engagement broke they were like two peas in a pod, doing best friend stuff. He was starting to miss that.

“SHRITUSE!” shouted a voice.

Ranma heard yet another explosion followed by something that sounded like a dog yelping again.

“Alright that does it! I’m checking this out!” said Ranma.

Ranma leapt off the building and started heading towards where he heard the explosion. Ranma kept running until he was deep in a nearby forest. Ranma had come here a couple of times to escape the craziness of Nerima and maybe do some training so he knew the lay out fairly well.

“Now let’s see…where did that explosion come from?” asked Ranma.


Ranma got his answer and ran off in the direction of the new explosion. When he got there he saw the blue wolf struggling to get up. The wolf looked like it was hurt pretty badly. Ranma also saw the two strangers he ran into earlier with an evil grin on their faces.

“HEY!” shouted Ranma.

The two practically jumped when Ranma had shouted out. They were so into what they were doing they hadn’t even noticed he had arrived.

“Are you the jerks who did this to this wolf here? There are animal right laws you know!” said Ranma.

“Stay the hell out of this!” said the wolf.

Ranma blinked in surprise. The wolf had just spoke to him.

“This is MY fight! I might not have been able to find my human partner but I’m not going down without a fight!” said the wolf.

“Please! Just spare yourself the embarrassment and tell us where you hid your book!” said Golime.

“I’d rather eat a salad!” said the wolf.

“Fine then! One way or another we’re going to send you back to where you came from!” said Tom.

Tom opened his book and it started to glow. The wolf leapt into the air to take them down with his fangs and claws.

“SHRITUSE!” shouted Tom.

A giant boulder erupted out of the ground in front of Golime and he threw it towards the wolf. Once the boulder made impact it exploded causing the wolf to fall to the ground. Ranma was worried now because the wolf looked very weak and wasn’t getting up.

Ranma was about to run over to check on him when something hit his head. He looked down to see what could have possibly hit his head only to see the blue book he saw in the wolf’s mouth earlier.

“It’s that book!” said Ranma.

Ranma looked up to see a forked branch high above where the book must’ve been. But the question was…how could a wolf get a book all the way up there?

“Please…” begged the wolf.

Ranma picked up the book and ran over to the wolf and cradled his head slightly.

“Please help me…don’t let them get my book…” pleaded the wolf.

Ranma could tell that the wolf had earlier injuries that had yet to heal. And the fact that he just got in some new ones weren’t helping things. Ranma was starting to get mad, if there was one thing he couldn’t stand it was kicking someone when they were down!

“You found the book! Now why don’t you just be a good kid and hand it over so we can have a little bonfire!” said Tom.

The wolf was now struggling to get up but was failing miserably.

“Whatever you do, don’t let them have it!” said the wolf.

Everyone was making such a big fuss over this one blue book. Maybe it had some deadly martial arts techniques in it or something.

Ranma flipped through a couple of the pages and sweatdropped.

“What the heck kind of book is this anyways? This is all just complete jibberish!” said Ranma.

But Ranma’s tone soon changed when some of the words started to glow.

“Wait…these words…I can read them!” said Ranma.

The wolf’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Then quickly! I want you to shout it out with all the emotion you got!” shouted the wolf.

“And just what makes you think me and Golime are going to give you the chance? SHRITUSE!” shouted Tom.

Another boulder was sent hurdling towards Ranma and the wolf.

“Here goes nothing! RAMAIR!” shouted Ranma.

The wolf’s teeth got bigger and sharper and his claws extended to the length of twelve inches. He shot forward and sliced straight through the boulder causing it to explode behind him. The wolf began to run towards Tom and leapt into the air only to appear behind him.

“Ha! That’s it? I didn’t feel a thing!” said Tom.

“And who said I was trying to attack you?” asked the wolf.

Soon half of Tom’s book fell to the ground, it had been cut through like a hot knife through butter. Now both halves were on fire and Golime was disappearing.

“What’s happening to him?” asked Ranma.

“Noooo! I don’t want to go back to the mamodo world!” cried Golime.

With one final ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’ Golime completely disappeared.

The wolf’s teeth and claws were now normal size as he fell to the ground in exhaustion and Ranma ran over to him.

“I guess this is what you get for over exerting yourself.” Said Ranma.

Ranma began to pick up the wolf in his arms and started to carry him out of the forest.

“I suppose I’m just going to have to watch that from now on. By the way, my name is Lupine…partner.” Said the wolf.

Ranma blinked in confusion a couple of times. Why was this wolf calling him partner? Maybe one of those boulders hit him too hard or something. But Ranma just shrugged it off.

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